Chicago teen told he's too big for one airplane seat

Southwest Airline told a Chicago teenager that he was too big for one seat.

According to KARE 11, 18-year-old Tim White was told he was too big for one seat and would have to purchase another to ride the plane.

The airline then refused to sell the seat over the phone saying that there was a risk for fraud and even though the seat next to him was empty and the plane was not full, White was not allowed to board the plane, said KARE 11.

Janel Klein of KARE 11 said that White and his twin brother were forced to change their plans and buy tickets on an overnight bus instead.

White's aunt said that having to buy another ticket was not an issue but that she disliked the way the airline treated her nephew.

"I just think their employee was rude to him and he didn't have to handle it that way. If they're comfortable enough to have the poilcy, they need to be comfortable enough to disclose it."

Southwest later apologized to the family and refunded both tickets.

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