Con man steals $6400

A con man used Craigslist and a Fridley pizza shop to steal $6400.

According to KSTP the police doubt that the man, who may or may not be named "Gary," will ever be caught. The man broke into a closed Godfathers Pizza on University Avenue in Fridley, changed the locks and sold the pizza ovens for $64,000, said KSTP.

KSTP said the police are referring to this as an "ingenious scam." The man sold the pizza ovens using Craigslist, met with buyers in the store, and got away with their money before anyone became suspicious, said Chris Keating of KSTP.

Property Manager Greg Fricke became suspicious after seeing property movers pull up to restaurant and called police. Though the movers had a bill of sale it turned out to be faked.

The police hit a dead end after trying to trace the original Craigslist listing and the cell phone number the thief had given to the buyers. "We're finding it harder and harder to track the criminals, yes," Lt. Mike Monsrud of the Fridley police told KSTP.

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