Journalist is accused of error in judgement

Darkha Dutt, a journalist from India, has been accused making deals with corporate lobbyists and agreeing to pass messages to the governing Congress Party.

According to The New York Times, Dutt was questioned before a jury of four of her peers after being caught on tape talking to a corporate lobbyist.

"It is an error of judgment of enormous proportions" thundered the editor of Open Magazine, Manu Joseph, one of the panelists.

According to the BBC, on the tape, Dutt offered to relay messages form the lobbyist to politicians in an effort to influence the process of forming a cabinet.

Dutt, 38, is a star reporter and anchor in India and is well known player in India's burgeoning, competitive news media market, reported The New York Times. Now she finds herself at the heart of a scandal that threatens to ruin her career.

According to The New York Times, even though Dutt denies making deals with corporate lobbyists and claims she was just stringing along a potential news source, she also acknowledges that perhaps she could have been more careful.

"I look at some of the conversations and I do feel I should have been more alert," she said in an interview on Friday with NDTV, the television station she works at.

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