The search for diversity

The Minneapolis Charter Commission's lack of racial diversity has been noted more than once.

According to The Star Tribune, the all-white commission serves a city that has at least a 35 percent minority. This upcoming year, three slots will become open when Chairman Barry Clegg and members Thomas Jancik and Ian Stade come to an end of their appointments.

Clegg and Jancik will likely seek reappointment but Stade will step down in the hope that someone of a more diverse background will take his place, reported The Star Tribune.

The commission considers improvements for the city's charter, sometimes forwarding suggestions to change the charter based on the studies it performs. According to The Star Tribune, these changes occur by unanimous council vote or 51 percent approval by those voting in a referendum.

The commission's workload is expected to increase significantly when they take on the challenge of redistricting the city. This power was given to them in a referendum vote in November.

Whether or not the council becomes more diverse depends partially on whether or not any minority residents seek appointment and partially on whether or not Chief Judge James Swenson selects them for the appointment, reported Steve Brandt of The Star Tribune.

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