WikiLeaks: James Rubin

James Rubin, former U.S. assistant Secretary of State said that recently released WikiLeaks document are a broad based attack on U.S. foreign policy and the U.S. government.

CNN talked to Rubin after talking to WikiLeaks' spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson. Hrafnsson said that the public has the 'right to know' but Rubin disagreed with the organization's decision to release certain leaked documents and said that despite WikiLeaks' claim that they these documents pose no threat to U.S. security, they very well might.

"Americans may die because of the irresponsibilities of these people," Rubin told CNN.

Rubin explained to CNN that the government needs to be able to have private conversations with foreign leaders or those leaders may not want to talk to them at all. Rubin says that WikiLeaks threatens the government's ability to operate in the world and destroys their ability to have these conversations.

"These people don't have any idea how the real world works," Rubin told CNN, critiquing WikiLeaks.

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