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The article, Long-gone lead factories leave poisons in nearby yards, by USA Today is a good example of a records/CAR article.

The article written by Alison Young describes how the EPA failed to tell people about or take action on many former lead smelting sites which the EPA has apparently known about for years. The soil in many people's yards and in parks was found to contain potentially dangerous levels of lead.

Young uses tips on how to make yards safer, video interviews with parents who have children who play in their lead-filled back yards, an interactive map which states where smelters once were, and site-related documents.

In order to write this article, Young had to be technology savvy. She needed to be able to search for sites, find pictures, and create/search for video interviews on the topic.

FBI officials are searching for any traces of Etan Patz, a 6-year-old boy who disappeared in 1979, in the basement of a building in New York City's SoHo neighborhood, the Associated Press said.

Utility workers began ripping up the basement in the building on Friday after an FBI dog indicated the scent of human remains in the room, Fox News said.

Patz vanished after leaving his family's apartment for a brief walk to the bus stop- his first time ever walking there alone.

The investigators are digging up the floor and the drywall in an attempt to find flood, clothing or human remains in the building which is down the street from the Patz's home,Fox News said.

The search temporarily stopped Sunday due to bad weather but will resume Monday morning.

Police in the Netherlands said that at least 120 people we injured when two commuter trains crashed head-on in Amsterdam Saturday.

There were not immediate reports of fatalities, but out of the people injured, 13 suffered major injuries while 43 or 44 were badly injured, Reuters said.

According to a spokesman for railways group NS, a helicopter was used to bring the injured to a hospital, Reuters said.

It was not immediately clear how the two trains ended up on the same track but police are investigating, Voice of America said.

4-year-old boy dies in house fire

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A house fire killed a 4-year-old boy and injured two other children Saturday near the town of Stephen in northwestern Minnesota.

The boy's body was found in the destroyed house late Saturday afternoon after authorities received a 911 call shortly after 10 p.m. Friday, the Star Tribune said.

The call said that two children had been injured by the fire and a third was possibly still in the house, the Associated Press said.

The incident remains under investigation in the small town of about 660 people about 40 miles northeast of Grand Forks.

9-Year-old boy dies in dirt-biking accident

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A 9-year-old boy from Oak Grove, Minn., died Friday night in a dirt biking accident.

The boy was identified as Nick Engel by the Anoka County Sheriff's Office. His father, Robert Engler, is the Oak Grove Assistant Fire Chief, WCCO said.

Police said Nick went out on his motocross bike just before 7 p.m. Friday in Oak Grove when his friends momentarily went inside. When they came back out, Nick owa on the ground without a pulse, WCCO said.

An autopsy report has not yet been released but police said it appears that he died of head injuries despite his helmet, the Star Tribune said.

An emergency helicopter was called, but the boy was pronounced dead before it arrived,WCCO said.

4 Kids die in mobile home fire in Louisiana


Mother of four was charged Sunday with four counts of negligent homicide after her children died in a mobile home fire in Louisiana.

Capt. Doug Cain, a spokesman for Louisiana Department of Public Safety, said the fire began just before midnight Saturday in a city roughly 70 miles west of Baton Rouge in southern Louisiana, the Associated Press said.

The children were ages 2, 5, 7, and 8 years old, The Town Talk said.

Shaqueta McDade, the mother of the children, was arrested and charged with four counts of negligent homicide and was being held at the Acadia County Jail, the Associated Press said.

Cain said the mobile home was in flames when firefighters arrived. The children were found inside the burnt remains of the mobile home after the fire was extinguished, the Associated Press said.

Cain said he is not sure where the mother was during the fire, the Associated Press said.

Bail was set at $450,000 Monday for the husband who was stalking his family, assaulting and threatening to kill his wife, and then having a man kidnap her and her three children outside of a Duluth church, the Duluth News Tribune said.

Beginning in Utah, the woman and her children fled to North Dakota, then to Montana, back to North Dakota, and finally Duluth as they tried to hide from her husband who "had been shooting up steroids" she said.

Nathaniel Michael Jaffe-Norris, 26, was arraigned in State District Court in Duluth on Monday on charges of kidnapping, pattern of stalking and four counts of aiding and abetting kidnapping, the Duluth News Tribune said.

Jaffe-Norris found his wife in Duluth and had an accomplice allegedly lure her away from a church close to Safe Haven Shelter, where she was staying, MSNBC said.

According to a report, the wife feared for her safety and left with the man from the Church. She was driven to Detroit Lakes where Jaffe-Norris was waiting for her, MSNBC said.

Local authorities arrested Jaffe-Norris and brought him back to Duluth.

The woman said that she believes her husband is capable of seriously injuring or killing her and the children, the Duluth News Tribune said.

Duluth police Sgt. Jeremiah Graves said the investigation is continuing.

Tornadoes in Oklahoma killed at least 5

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Tornadoes hit at least four states in the midwest after the National Weather Service forecasted tornadoes early Sunday morning, BBC said.

The multiple tornadoes killed five people in one Oklahoma town, three which were young girls, Reuters said.

At least 29 others in the town were injured, BBC said.

In Woodward, high winds damaged houses, uprooted trees and brought down electricity lines the Associated Press reported, BBC said.

This is not the first tornado in the Oklahoma town of Woodward that has killed citizens. in April 1947 116 people were killed according to the National Weather Service, Reuters said.

Jody Lynmarvin Patzner Jr., 22, was delivering dinner to a neighbor when confronted by three boys who shot him and ran away.

The boys yelled at him that they wanted his bicycle and then shot him twice. According to a witness, he continued to bike for 30 feet before collapsing on the sidewalk and dying moments later, the Star Tribune said.

The 24-year-old suspect was arrested Wednesday night, only one block away from where the victim was gunned down, KARE 11 said.

According to a spokesman for the Hennepin County Attorney's office, no criminal charges will be filed Friday against the suspect, the Star Tribune updated.

The funeral for Patzner Jr. is scheduled for Wednesday, April 18 at St. Bridget's Catholic Church in Minneapolis, KARE 11 said.

4 missing and 1 dead in San Francisco yacht race

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Four people are missing and one person has died after a boating accident Saturday off the coast of Northern California.

The 38-foot sailboat was apart of a race around the Farallon Islands, 28 miles west of the Golden Gate Bridge. The captain of the boat said that the yacht was hit by a series of large waves that rolled it over and threw several crew members overboard, the Coast Guard said Sunday CNN said.

A Coast Guard helicopter rescued two people from the rocks and an Air National Guard helicopter rescued another person, along with a body of a person who drowned, the Times reported in an article by KTLA.

Four more people from the boat were still unaccounted for as of Sunday afternoon while rescuers searched a 15-by-30-mile patch of the Pacific Ocean, CNN said.

The race that the yacht was in is called the Full Crew Farallon race, which began in 1907, according to the San Francisco Yacht Club.

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