The Christ is Love Drug Rehabilitation Center in Peru is Not so Lovely

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27 patients at The Christ is Love center for addicts in Lima, Peru were killed due to a massive fire on Saturday.

The Christ is Love center uses biblical teaching to help addicts become better citizens BBC News reports. Unfortunately many of those addicts will not be able to apply their lessons to a normal life due to either death or injury from the fire.

The Associated Press says that the center was "unlicensed and overcrowded." Firefighters said the doors were locked during the fire and confined the patients inside. Some people leapt from windows to escape the burning building as flames continued to grow.

Ironically, the people addressing their drug addiction in hopes of a better life were trapped "like prisoners," while the fire blazed said Health Minister Alberto Tejada to the Associated Press. Tejada also said that the building was ordered to close two different times.

BBC news reports that Tejada told the Associated Press that, "It was a house they had taken over for patients with addictions and they had the habit of leaving people locked up with no medical supervision."

The fire began early Saturday morning while the residents were eating breakfast. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation, but BBC News claims that some reporters believe the fire began by two patients lighting their mattress on fire as a way to escape the center.

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What a sad story to read. It is true what was stated about the addicts and how they were locked in with the fire almost like they were locked in with their addictions. I am having a hard time understanding how the building was able to stay open if asked to shut down 2 times. Also why were people still checking in there? I would like to hear more about this story. My company primarily offers drug addiction treatment, though we are interested in sharing views and learning more through this and other forums.

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