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Analysis: Multimedia

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While covering the Oscars, CNN and the New York Times have different multimedia styles.

CNN seems to be focusing on videos of the event more than blogs and news feeds. While the New York Times is more focused on blogs and pictures with captions than they are videos.

Each style compliments the news in different ways. Videos allow viewers to fully see the event and therefore the viewer can visually see other aspects of the event, such as scenery, style, and even emotions being portrayed. Written updates are better for quick, fact-based information. They quickly give the who, what, where, and when.

Florida Man Bites $600 Worth of Damage to Police Car

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While under the possible influence of bath salts, a Florida man bit the hood of a police car causing nearly $600 worth of damage, ABC News said.

According to witnesses, Eric Scott, a 47-year-old resident of Milton, Fla., was walking around his neighborhood, knocking on doors and telling anyone who would answer to call 911 for a medical emergency, Northwest Florida Daily News said.

Police reports said when officers from the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's office arrived, Scott began to walk away from them while cursing to himself. He then began screaming at the officers to shoot him, ABC News said.

Police Sgt. Scott Haines told ABC News that Scott already had multiple self inflicted injuries to his hands and blood coming from his nose, ABC News said.

As police waited for emergency responders, Scott, began to scrape his teeth across the hood of their patrol car, digging through the paint to the bare metal, ABC News said.

Scott's bizarre behavior displayed many symptoms caused by ingesting bath salts. His symptoms include hallucinations, confusion, loss of direction and erratic behavior, Northwest Florida Daily News said.

Charges are pending against Scott for criminal mischief and resisting an officer without violence, which are both misdemeanors, Northwest Florida Daily News said.

A blast of fire injured seven firefighters Friday night at a house in Maryland, the Washington Post said.

The fire broke out in the basement of a vacant house a little after 9 p.m. Friday in Riverdale, Maryland, the Washington Post said.

Injuries included burns, fractures, and lacerations, fire officials said in the Washington post.

Three of the seven firefighters remained hospitalized Saturday afternoon. One had been cleared to leave after being treated for injuries to his upper body and ribs, along with first-degree burns on his hands, CNN said.

The other two who remained hospitalized were in critical but stable condition in the burn unit at Washington Hospital Center, CNN said.

The remaining four firefighters were treated and released overnight, CNN said.

Authorities said the call came in at 9:11 p.m., and within minutes trucks from Riverdale and Bladensburg volunteer fire departments arrived to treat the burning basement, CNN said.

Strong winds, possibly up to 45 mph, were blowing directly at and into the burning basement, CNN said.

"As soon as the guys opened the front door and advanced, it blew from the basement, up the steps and right out the front door," Prince George's Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor said according to CNN. "It was like a blowtorch coming up the steps and out the door."

The exact cause of the fire is under investigation, the Washington Post said.

A St. Paul teen was held at gunpoint, bound, and trapped in his car Wednesday when he attempted to sell mushrooms to another St. Paul man, the Star Tribune said.

The teen, 18, drove to a home near Case and Payne Avenues and met with Khalil A. Zeno, 18, to sell him mushrooms, the Star Tribune said.

The teen picked up Zeno, parked, and heard a tap on his window. A man stood outside the teen's car with a gun pointed at him. The teen tried to flee, but Zeno also held him at gunpoint, ABC 5 Eyewitness News said.

Zeno and two other men forced the teen out of the vehicle and walked him to a nearby garage. After they took his shoes, jacket and wallet, they taped his eyes shut, and taped his hands behind his back, the Star Tribune said.

After refusing to give Zeno numbers of friends who possessed money and weed, Zeno and the others forced the teen into the trunk of his mother's PT Cruiser, ABC 5 Eyewitness News said.

According to complaints reported Friday, the teen then reported hearing gang names being yelled and fighting occurring outside of the car, the Star Tribune said.

Police spokesman Howie Padilla said police was notified of the fight at around 11:45 p.m. and that police chased the PT Cruiser throughout St. Paul at high speeds, ABC 5 Eyewitness News said.

Zeno fled from the car and was arrested nearby, the Star Tribune said.

Zeno was charged with kidnapping and motor vehicle theft, ABC 5 Eyewitness News said.

Cause of Death of MIT Student Continues to be a Mystery

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology student, originally from Redwood Falls, Minn., was found dead around noon on Monday in his dorm room, said the Star Tribune.

Brian G. Anderson, 21 and a management major and wrestler, was found dead in the Next House dormitory, MIT News said.

The cause of death remains unknown but authorities have ruled out crime involvement and the school's chancellor also quickly dismissed the possibly that Anderson had killed himself, the Star Tribune said.

"In order to get complete answers, we must allow time for the authorities to conduct their investigation," Chancellor Eric Grimson said in MIT News. "I encourage everyone to refrain from speculation. At this early stage, there is no strong indication that Brian's death was the result of suicide."

Funeral services for Anderson will be held 11 a.m. Saturday at Grace Lutheran Church in Belview, Minn. He is survived by his parents, Gregory and Cecilia; and brothers Raymond and Thomas, the Star Tribune said.

Deadly Riot Kills Dozens in Mexican Prison

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An extreme riot killed 44 people last Sunday in a northern Mexican prison, the New York Times said.

Authorities said that a confrontation between inmates broke out around 2 a.m. Sunday and lasted several hours in a prison in Apodaca, Mexico, the New York Times said. The riot lasted a few hours before the state and federal police could control the prisoners, the New York Times said.

Investigators are exploring if the fight was started by rivals of the Gulf and Zeta cartels, who were once part of the same organization, the Associated Press said in the Herald Sun.

The different gang members are known for strong violence between each other, and therefore are normally separated in the prison. But the fight between two cell blocks, each with about 750 prisoners, held people from each gang, the Associated Press said.

The prison director, the director of security and a supervisor are being held for questioning due to theories that the 17 guards on duty could have been involved in the reasoning for the riot, the Associated Press said.

Inmates have been known to bribe guards for prostitutes, cellphones, TVs, parties, drugs, and even their freedom in other prisons, the New York Times said.

Analysis: Spot and Follow

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The article Authorities ID robbery suspect shot, killed in Superior, in the Duluth News Tribune, was published on Friday.

The update, Man who died in Superior shootout had brother who died under similar circumstances 6 years earlier, was published Saturday in the Duluth News Tribune.

The original story identifies the man who died, and the follow up explains how his death resembled his brother's.

The second story goes into depth about Anderson's death and history, along with the death of his brother.

Train-hopping ends life of Minneapolis teen

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A Minneapolis boy was found dead Thursday near railroad tracks after hopping on and off trains with friends, the Pioneer Press said.

Christopher Hanson, 15, was found dead near the tracks southwest of 14th Avenue NE. and Fillmore Street NE., less than 2 miles from his home, the Star Tribune said.

Police said he had sustained multiple blunt-force head injuries, the Star Tribune said.

Hanson's mother, Melissa Standal, said he had been train-jumping with friends on the day he died, the Pioneer Press said.

According to the Federal Railroad Administration, there were six fatalities in Minnesota last year involving trespassers on railroad property, the Pioneer Press said.

Man survives two months trapped in car

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A Swedish man has survived being trapped in his snow-covered car for two months without food, police say.

Peter Skyllberg, 45, was found on Friday at the end of a forest track more than 0.6 miles from a main road in northern Sweden, BBC News said.

He told rescuers he had been trapped in his car since December 19, Australian Broadcasting Corporation said.

Skyllberg was discovered by snowmobilers who originally assumed the car was a wreck until they dug their way to a window and saw movement inside, reported the Vasterbotten Courier newspaper, BBC News said.

Police said the temperature recently dropped to -22F, BBC News said.

Chief medical officer Dr. Ulssetts Berg, from the Umea University Hospital, said the snow around his car might have acted as an igloo to protect Skyllberg from the cold, said Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

According to BBC News, one doctor said that the man might have survived so long by going into a kind of hibernation, said BBC News.

Duluth man dies after shoot-out with police

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A Duluth man died in a shootout with police on Friday in Superior, Wis., the Bemidji Pioneer said.

Luke Anderson, 34, died after raising his gun at police during his flee from an attempted car theft, the Star Tribune said.

Police Chief Charles LaGesse said Luke Anderson pointed a gun at a woman in Superior on Friday and tried to steal her car. When the car wouldn't start, he fled in the vehicle he had driven there. Anderson soon abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot, said the Star Tribune.

According to police, during his attempted escape Anderson pointed his gun towards the officers, who then shot him multiple times. He then placed the gun under his own chin and fired said the Bemidji Pioneer.

Anderson then pointed his gun at police a second time and police shot again, this time killing Anderson, said the Bemidji Pioneer.

According to the Star Tribune, Minnesota court records say Anderson was convicted three times on felony drug charges, most recently in 2005, said the Star Tribune.

Vega rocket launches successfully

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A new rocket was successfully launched into orbit from Europe's Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, carrying nine satellites.

After nine years of work, and roughly $930 million, the Vega rocket lifted off into space at 5:00 a.m. Monday morning at the Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana, on the northern Atlantic coast of South America, Fox News said.

According to China Daily, the main objective of the Vega rocket is to provide Europe with a safe, reliable and competitive ability to carry science and Earth observation satellites into orbit, China Daily said.

The Italian-built rocket is named after the second-brightest star in the northern hemisphere. It stands about 100 feet tall and is 10 feet wide. Its total weight at liftoff was about 137 metric tons, Fox News said.

The first three stages of the rocket are powered by solid propellant, and the fourth stage, called AVUM, relies on a liquid propulsion system, Fox News said.

According to China Daily, seven European Space Agency member states including Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland support the program, China Daily said.

The first commercial contract for Vega has already been signed by Arianespace, Vega's commercial operator. More contracts are under negotiation, said China Daily.

Train kills two teenage girls

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Two teenage girls were killed Tuesday night in Copiague, N.Y., when a train struck them, said the New York Times.

The two girls were identified as Ariana C. Napolitano and Katherine Sanchez. Both girls were 18-years-old and residents of Copiague, said the Associated Press.

An empty, eastbound train struck the women a half mile west of the Copiague train station of the Long Island Rail Road at about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday evening., said Sam Zambuto, a Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman in the New York Times.

According to the Associated Press, local teens say it's not uncommon for young people to hang out on the tracks, but the deaths are being investigated by the Transportation Authority police.

Sanchez and Napolitano both graduated from Copiague High School last year, said the Associated Press.

Analysis: Structure

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In the article, Madonna stalker caught after escaping mental hospital; once threatened to slit her throat, by Nina Mandell of the New York Daily News, Mandell structures the news in a way that is easy for the reader to follow.

She begins by grasping the reader's attention by referring to the stalker as "crazed" and informing him or her that the stalker "threatened to slit [Madonna's] throat." She then finishes her lead by telling the reader that he was captured by the Los Angeles Police Department after escaping a week ago from a hospital.

In her first paragraph she not only intrigues the reader, but informs him or her of what information is going to be further explained throughout the rest of her article.

In her second paragraph she goes into detail about the stalker. She discusses his original conviction, and his sentence.

The third paragraph allows the reader to feel more connected with Madonna herself with a quote from her during her testimony.

Mandell continues to discuss the stalker's state while in prison, and follows that by informing the reader of his continued mental health condition, which also affected Halle Berry.

To finish her article, Mandell tells the reader how the stalker escaped from the hospital, and that he was caught on Friday.

I believe that Mandell ordered the information in a timely manner, beginning with the current news, going back ten years to explain the main person of her article, and then finishing up with the current news again.

It was very effective and easy to follow. A reader could easily relay the message and the facts of this article along to others.

Warm winter extends Lake Superior's ferry boat season

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Residents of Madeline Island are forced to follow the schedule of the ferry boats this winter instead of the normal ice road due to the warm weather.

Each winter an ice road linking the island to the mainland is in place by now, giving the islanders a few weeks of freedom to come and go as they please, day or night, unbound by the ferry schedule or the fees said the Duluth News Tribune. It's a bright spot in the dark days of winter, especially when living on an island where most of the stores and restaurants are closed from November until May.

According to the Associate Press, Madeline Island resident Burke Henry has been tracking the winter ferry runs since 1965, said 1998 is the only year in which the boats operated all winter.

Each season used to be predictable: the ferry line closes, the wind sled goes into effect for a couple weeks, the ice road opens, and finally tourist season begins again when the ferry boats begin their first journeys of the new year, said the Duluth News Tribune.

Residents of the island will not see the freedom they are used to seeing this winter. According to the Madeline Island Ferry Line, the earliest the ferry leaves the island in the morning is 7:00 a.m., on weekdays, and the latest it comes back from the mainland is 5:30 p.m., running hopefully every other hour in between.

Once the ice break-up is finalized, the ferry boats will run more often, making access to mainland easier. But until then, the warm winter weather will hold the island residents captive on the 14 mile long strip of land.

Duluth Holds Chance of Housing the New Vikings Stadium

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Minn., Gov. Mark Dayton, received a letter Thursday that proposed Duluth to be the location of the Minn. Vikings new football stadium.

According to the Minnesota Daily, Sen. Roger Reinert, DFL-Duluth, sent Gov. Dayton a letter suggesting that the stadium should be constructed southwest of downtown Duluth, on 500 acres formally occupied by the U.S. Steel/Atlas Cement work site.

Reinert knows the odds are slim, but said the lack of consensus for any Twin Cities stadium site spurred his action, said the Duluth News Tribune.

Reinert's proposal included references to the success of the Green Bay Packers' stadium in Green Bay, Wis. He said that each city is similar in size, and each are roughly the same distance away from their state's capital said the Minnesota Daily.

Duluth also expects to be connected to the Twin Cities by the proposed Northern Lights Express high-speed passenger rail line that could move Twin Cities fans to the game in less than two hours said the Duluth News Tribune.

As for funding for the stadium, Reinert suggested that the legalization of liquor sales on Sundays and holidays in Minn., would generate an expected $10.6 million in net revenue annually, which would not fully cover the cost of the stadium, but would be better than raising taxes, said the Minnesota Daily.

According to the Minnesota Daily, the Vikings are currently still focusing on the Arden Hills and Minneapolis proposals, and have not yet met with Duluth officials or heard of the details of the plan.

The roof of a sports center used for ice skating in the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina collapsed Sunday due to snow, police said.

Similar to the Minneapolis Metrodome collapse in 2010, exactly a year and two months ago, the Skenderija sports center in downtown Sarajevo caved-in due to a heavy abundance of snow just after 3 p.m. Sunday afternoon, police spokesman Irfan Nefic said in Aida Cerkez's report for the Associated Press News.

According to Tim Nelson of the Associated Press, the Skenderjia sports center was built in 1969 and used during the 1984 Olympics for figure skating and hockey. Fortunately, only the skating complex was affected by the the record snowfall.

Snow has piled up to three feet as of Sunday, and temperatures as low as negative-8 throughout the week have made it difficult to clear the snow, said Nelson.

Authorities have closed schools and universities, and traffic is possible onldy down main streets and the streets that lead to hospitals. Authorities also have urged people to shovel in front of their buildings and to try to clear their roofs, said Cerkez.

Madonna Stalker Caught

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A man convicted of stalking singer Madonna was arrested Friday, a week after he escaped from a Southern California mental hospital, police said.

Mental health escapee, Robert Dewey Hoskins, 54, either walked away or escaped from the Metropolitan State Hospital in the Los Angeles suburb of Norwalk on February 3 said Kareen Wynter and Michael Martinez from CNN.

According to the New York Times, Hoskins was convicted in 1996 of stalking the famous singer after a member of her security staff shot him in the leg when he tried to break into her home. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, said the New York Times.

The New York Times also said that at the original trial, Madonna said that her bodyguard told her that Hoskins wanted to marry her and said that if "he couldn't have me, he was going to slice my throat from ear to ear."

Los Angeles Police Sgt. Mitzi Fierro told HLN's Nancy Grace that she hadn't been told whether any new charges will be filed against Hoskins after his recent escape said Wynter and Martinez.

Hoskins is being returned to the facility and from there detectives will investigate how Hoskins was able to walk away from the hospital and if he violated anything after escaping, said Fierro.

Man Killed in Minneapolis Hotel

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A Minneapolis man was shot to death early Saturday on one of the upper floors of the Millennium Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, acting as the city's first homicide of the year, said the Star Tribune.

According to Valley News Live, the Hennepin County medical examiner's office identified the victim as 33-year-old Jeremy Robert Shannon, a Minneapolis resident. The medical examiner's office also said that he died of multiple gunshot wounds said Valley News Live.

The Star Tribune said that he was shot at around 2:30 a.m. in room 911 at the hotel. Many people witnessed the crime the Star Tribune also said.

Valley News Live said that Police Sgt. Steve McCarty said the suspect fled to a hotel across the street, where he was arrested without incident.

McCarty said Shannon and the suspect probably knew each other and investigators were working to determine what led to the shooting, said the Star Tribune.

Police have asked anyone with information to call 612-692-8477.

Analysis: Sources

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In the story, "Case of Missing Utah Woman Susan Powell Takes Explosive Turn," by the New York Observer, only two sources are used.

The sources are not named throughout the article itself, but are mentioned at the very bottom of the page.

The first source is located in the very first paragraph while the second one is in the last paragraph of the article.

The information that they used is from other news sources, the News Tribune, and the Salt Lake Tribune.

In the story, Steve Huff has the sources embedded within words of the article as links. It is effective because it doesn't deviate away from the points of the story. It allows the reader to be able to read through the article quickly without getting caught up on sources.

After being ruled against receiving custody of his two sons, a man intentionally blew up his home Sunday killing all three in Graham, Wash..

Josh Powell, husband of Susan Powell who disappeared two years ago in Utah, deliberately killed himself and his two sons when a social worker brought the boys over for a visit said Mike Baker and Gene Johnson of the Associated Press.

The social worker was blocked from entering the house by Powell, Graham Fire and Rescue Chief Gary Franz told The Associated Press. The social worker then called her authorities to report that she could smell gas and moments later the house exploded.

Last week Powell lost a custody bid for his sons, 7-year-old Charlie and 5-year-old Braden and the judge ordered that they remain with their grandparents said the New York Observer.

In a news brief, the Associated Press said Sgt. Ed Troyer, Pierce County sheriff's spokesman, said emails that Powell sent authorities seemed to confirm that Powell planned the deadly explosion. The Associated Press said Troyer didn't elaborate on the contents of the emails, but said they cause the police to believe the explosion "is intentional, this is planned...this is a double murder-suicide."

Minnesota Storm Chaser Killed

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A Minnesota storm chaser, featured on the Weather Channel, was killed on Saturday in a head on collision with another car in Northeastern Oklahoma.

Andy Gabrielson of Luverne, Minn., was one of two killed during the crash. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has yet to release the names of each victim, but the Weather Channel confirmed one worked as a storm chaser for the well-known weather service said The Associated Press.

According to reports, a driver driving the wrong way crashed into Gabrielson's SUV on U.S. Highway 66 Saturday said Michelle Knoll of ABC's Eyewitness News.

Gabrielson, just two weeks short of his 25 birthday, was a skilled storm chaser, having won a Regional Emmy in 2011 for video of a tornado he shot in Minnesota said Knoll.

According to a Facebook page dedicated to Gabrielson, he was on his way back to Minn. when the accident occurred said The Associated Press.

19 Cars of a Freight Train Derail in Red Wing, Minn.

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A Canadian Pacific freight train in Red Wing, Minn., partially derailed as 19 cars became off- track, two of which were completely derailed, near the Mississippi River last Sunday morning.

Police say the freight train was heading north around 9:40 a.m. Sunday when the cars derailed, said the Star Tribune.

"Our main concern at the scene in Red Wing is to ensure everything is being done safely," CP spokesman Ed Greenberg said to the Red Wing Republican Eagle.

The Red Wing Republican Eagle was also informed that no injuries were found, and the site is safe for the general public. They were also told that the site should be up and running within 24 hours.

Flood in Australia Leaves Thousands Stranded

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Heavy rains in recent weeks have caused rivers to overflow near the eastern Australian state of Queensland, said CNN.

Authorities used military helicopters and a C-130 cargo plane Sunday to evacuate thousands of residents stranded by rising floodwaters said CNN. Many of which were patients at from a hospital in St. George, Queensland.

In St. George, officials warned about 4,000 residents to get out of the path of what officials say will be a record-breaking flood said CNN.

St George has seen major flooding twice in the past two years, with the swollen Balonne River hitting a record 13.4m in March 2010 said News24.

CNN continues to say aerial assessments show roughly 300 homes and businesses have been engulfed in water-- making it the worst flooding in nearly 60 years, CNN affiliate Seven Network reported.

Many helicopters have been sent to the flood zone to help the residents evacuate said News24.

A South Los Angles elementary school teacher appeared in court Wednesday for the accusation of molesting students and taking bondage-styled photos of them in his classroom.

Mark Berndt, 61, is accused of strange lecherous acts on children, ranging in ages six to 10, at Miramonte Elementary School, where he worked for more than 30 years said Melissa MacBride and Robert Holguin from ABC 7. MacBride and Holguin also said that Berndt was arrested at his apartment on Monday.

The Los Angles Times said that Berndt took over 400 pictures of students. They said that photos show that Berndt has performed acts on children such as blindfolding, duck-taping around around the mouth, placing giant madagascar-like cockroaches on the children's faces, or feeding a white, milky substance to them on either a plastic spoon or on a cookie. The cookies were sperm-laced treats said the Associated Press in U-T San Diego News.

Proof of 23 victims was revealed in various photographs, resulting in a 23 million dollar bail, 1 million for each child said MacBride and Holguin.

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