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In the article, Madonna stalker caught after escaping mental hospital; once threatened to slit her throat, by Nina Mandell of the New York Daily News, Mandell structures the news in a way that is easy for the reader to follow.

She begins by grasping the reader's attention by referring to the stalker as "crazed" and informing him or her that the stalker "threatened to slit [Madonna's] throat." She then finishes her lead by telling the reader that he was captured by the Los Angeles Police Department after escaping a week ago from a hospital.

In her first paragraph she not only intrigues the reader, but informs him or her of what information is going to be further explained throughout the rest of her article.

In her second paragraph she goes into detail about the stalker. She discusses his original conviction, and his sentence.

The third paragraph allows the reader to feel more connected with Madonna herself with a quote from her during her testimony.

Mandell continues to discuss the stalker's state while in prison, and follows that by informing the reader of his continued mental health condition, which also affected Halle Berry.

To finish her article, Mandell tells the reader how the stalker escaped from the hospital, and that he was caught on Friday.

I believe that Mandell ordered the information in a timely manner, beginning with the current news, going back ten years to explain the main person of her article, and then finishing up with the current news again.

It was very effective and easy to follow. A reader could easily relay the message and the facts of this article along to others.

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