Deadly Riot Kills Dozens in Mexican Prison

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An extreme riot killed 44 people last Sunday in a northern Mexican prison, the New York Times said.

Authorities said that a confrontation between inmates broke out around 2 a.m. Sunday and lasted several hours in a prison in Apodaca, Mexico, the New York Times said. The riot lasted a few hours before the state and federal police could control the prisoners, the New York Times said.

Investigators are exploring if the fight was started by rivals of the Gulf and Zeta cartels, who were once part of the same organization, the Associated Press said in the Herald Sun.

The different gang members are known for strong violence between each other, and therefore are normally separated in the prison. But the fight between two cell blocks, each with about 750 prisoners, held people from each gang, the Associated Press said.

The prison director, the director of security and a supervisor are being held for questioning due to theories that the 17 guards on duty could have been involved in the reasoning for the riot, the Associated Press said.

Inmates have been known to bribe guards for prostitutes, cellphones, TVs, parties, drugs, and even their freedom in other prisons, the New York Times said.

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