Man survives two months trapped in car

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A Swedish man has survived being trapped in his snow-covered car for two months without food, police say.

Peter Skyllberg, 45, was found on Friday at the end of a forest track more than 0.6 miles from a main road in northern Sweden, BBC News said.

He told rescuers he had been trapped in his car since December 19, Australian Broadcasting Corporation said.

Skyllberg was discovered by snowmobilers who originally assumed the car was a wreck until they dug their way to a window and saw movement inside, reported the Vasterbotten Courier newspaper, BBC News said.

Police said the temperature recently dropped to -22F, BBC News said.

Chief medical officer Dr. Ulssetts Berg, from the Umea University Hospital, said the snow around his car might have acted as an igloo to protect Skyllberg from the cold, said Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

According to BBC News, one doctor said that the man might have survived so long by going into a kind of hibernation, said BBC News.

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