4 Kids die in mobile home fire in Louisiana


Mother of four was charged Sunday with four counts of negligent homicide after her children died in a mobile home fire in Louisiana.

Capt. Doug Cain, a spokesman for Louisiana Department of Public Safety, said the fire began just before midnight Saturday in a city roughly 70 miles west of Baton Rouge in southern Louisiana, the Associated Press said.

The children were ages 2, 5, 7, and 8 years old, The Town Talk said.

Shaqueta McDade, the mother of the children, was arrested and charged with four counts of negligent homicide and was being held at the Acadia County Jail, the Associated Press said.

Cain said the mobile home was in flames when firefighters arrived. The children were found inside the burnt remains of the mobile home after the fire was extinguished, the Associated Press said.

Cain said he is not sure where the mother was during the fire, the Associated Press said.


I am very saddened when I read articles like this, unfortunately I read this kind of article several times a week where kids die in a fire.

Thankfully, mobile homes are now being constructed with stronger quality controls. This has led to an abundance of safer used mobile homes for sale on the market. Thanks to these mobile home advances, accidents like this should be minimized in the future.

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