4 missing and 1 dead in San Francisco yacht race

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Four people are missing and one person has died after a boating accident Saturday off the coast of Northern California.

The 38-foot sailboat was apart of a race around the Farallon Islands, 28 miles west of the Golden Gate Bridge. The captain of the boat said that the yacht was hit by a series of large waves that rolled it over and threw several crew members overboard, the Coast Guard said Sunday CNN said.

A Coast Guard helicopter rescued two people from the rocks and an Air National Guard helicopter rescued another person, along with a body of a person who drowned, the Times reported in an article by KTLA.

Four more people from the boat were still unaccounted for as of Sunday afternoon while rescuers searched a 15-by-30-mile patch of the Pacific Ocean, CNN said.

The race that the yacht was in is called the Full Crew Farallon race, which began in 1907, according to the San Francisco Yacht Club.

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