$450,000 Bail set for man accused of stalking wife and children through four states

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Bail was set at $450,000 Monday for the husband who was stalking his family, assaulting and threatening to kill his wife, and then having a man kidnap her and her three children outside of a Duluth church, the Duluth News Tribune said.

Beginning in Utah, the woman and her children fled to North Dakota, then to Montana, back to North Dakota, and finally Duluth as they tried to hide from her husband who "had been shooting up steroids" she said.

Nathaniel Michael Jaffe-Norris, 26, was arraigned in State District Court in Duluth on Monday on charges of kidnapping, pattern of stalking and four counts of aiding and abetting kidnapping, the Duluth News Tribune said.

Jaffe-Norris found his wife in Duluth and had an accomplice allegedly lure her away from a church close to Safe Haven Shelter, where she was staying, MSNBC said.

According to a report, the wife feared for her safety and left with the man from the Church. She was driven to Detroit Lakes where Jaffe-Norris was waiting for her, MSNBC said.

Local authorities arrested Jaffe-Norris and brought him back to Duluth.

The woman said that she believes her husband is capable of seriously injuring or killing her and the children, the Duluth News Tribune said.

Duluth police Sgt. Jeremiah Graves said the investigation is continuing.

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