Minnesota native survived 10 days in desert

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A 76-year-old Minnesota native survived 10 days in the Nevada desert by melting snow and using skills he learned as a Boy Scout.

James Klemovich, Cloquet, Minn. native, was recently found Tuesday in good health by military personnel after being stranded for 10 days in the Nevada desert, the Duluth News Tribune said.

Laszlo Szabo, a friend and buisness partner of Klemovich, did not survive, USA Today said.

Klemovich and Szabo were on a trip to inspect a gold mine when their car became stuck on a road with no cell phone service, the Duluth News Tribune said.

The men tried to dislodge the car and lit flares and fires in hopes that someone would see them. Unfortunately, the car wouldn't move and in an area where fewer than 7,000 people are spread over 6,000 square miles no one saw their signals, the http://www.duluthnewstribune.com/event/article/id/227292/ said.

Drinking water regularly from melted snow was a huge factor in the survival of Klemovich, who is a diabetic, USA Today said.

Klemovich is currently still in Nevada waiting for his car to be recovered, USA Today said.

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