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Ode to Simplicity

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I was riding the campus connecter the other day when I noticed a sticker on the seat in front of me. Like some gift that arrives when it’s least expected, this particular sticker came to me at a much-needed time, after an overly long and tiring day of classes. In simple block letters, it read, “Life is too beautiful to give up?. And while I usually don’t take random stickers I find to heart, this quote seemed to stick. I find myself looking more and more closely at the world around me.

In Biology 2002, we worked on a fluorescent microscopy lab. We stained cells from an “immortalized? mouse cardiac fibroblast cell line with phalloidin, anti-tubulin antibody and DAPI to identify actin, tubulin and DNA nuclei, respectively. After staining the cover slips containing the cells ourselves, we got to look at our slides underneath a fluorescent microscope. The fluorescent microscope sends light through a filter, illuminating the cell sample with light within a narrow band of wavelengths. Some light is absorbed, while other wavelengths of light are emitted. Each cell, appearing unimpressive at first glance, is in fact, a beautiful and intricate array of organelles, observed in radiant color under the fluorescent microscope. I was astounded by the amount of detail I could see, in something as seemingly simple as a cell.

As I walk around campus, I take the time to admire the shades of oranges and yellows and reds surrounding me. I take the time to watch the leaves fluttering in gentle breezes and listen to their soft rustling. I take the time to notice the brilliant blue of the sky with only thin wisps of clouds floating past, or the way the sun glints off the downtown skyscape, making light appear to dance on glass.

Life gets complicated and hectic; disappointments and occasional defeats are inevitable. But if I take the time to observe my surroundings and let the simplicities of life amaze me, I find happiness.
Finding beauty in the simple things - that, I believe, is what really makes life infinitely fascinating and ultimately, truly meaningful.

Finding my way...

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It’s hard to believe that my first semester of college is already half over. At times, it’s been completely stressful and utterly exhausting, like I’m drowning in a mixture of emotions - uncertainty and frustration swirling all around me. And other times, I feel strangely under control, accepting of the person I am and optimistic about the future I see for myself. In many ways, college is what I’ve always thought it would be - an opportunity to develop my independence and meet some amazing new people while partaking in some crazy adventures. In other ways, my first few months in college have definitely provided me with a much needed reality check. I’m still slightly shocked by the amount of work I must put in to receive even a decent score on an exam, and I know it’s not going to get any easier. It’s a constant struggle trying to balance work and play while devoting time to pursue my goals and dreams.
I’ve realized these past few months that I need a bit of time to myself everyday. This is not only good for maintaining my sanity, but it’s also a great way to reflect on what I’ve done and what I still desire to do. I just sit and listen to some calming music and take the time to dream. I try to keep in mind that I have places I want to go, things I want to do and accomplish and experience in life. In the jumble of everyday stresses, I tend to lose track of that sometimes. Life is hard right now, but I’m hopeful I’ll find my way in the end.

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