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Graduating CBS seniors, we want to hear from you. Does your post-graduation plan include a trip backpacking through Central America, studying for the MCATs or going to work in the "real world"? Post a comment and tell us and other soon-to-be CBS alumns what you'll be up to once you graduate.


After graduation in May, it will only be a few weeks before I pack up my bags and head to California to be something I never thought I would be- a high school science teacher.

I am doing the Teach for America program and was placed in the Bay region of California. Luckily I get to spend the next two winters in sunshine and warmth! After my 2 year commitment to teaching, I plan on returning to the U to complete a dual degree masters in epidemiology and journalism. If I can be pried off the beach that is...

Well, after graduating in May, I like many other students will be continuing my education. Personally, I will be heading off to medical school. However, I'm not quite sure where yet. It's between four schools and I just really have to figure out what I want and where I want to live and essentially what I can afford.

After I graduate this spring with Biochemistry and GCD majors, I will heading straight for my PhD. I'll be in the Molecular Plant Sciences department at Washington State University. There, I will be researching ways to understand and manipulate the efficiency of photosynthesis in plants.

I plan to spend this summer with my family in a well-deserved break from being a college student.

Commencement is on the 16th, I'll be showing up at work on the 18th. I'm really excited and grateful for my botany job. I'll be doing field surveys throughout the state, looking for threatened and endangered plant populations in the field and writing recommendations as part of environmental assessments. If all goes well, I'll be doing this full-time for a few years... then maybe grad school.

After graduation I'm still not exactly sure what I'm doing. I'm job searching, although I only plan to work for a year or two before heading back to graduate school. I plan on studying cancer biology.

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