Becoming a "Pro"

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"So live that you wouldn't be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip."
-Will Parrot

Before last Friday, I didn't know that dental therapist was an occupation, how humor can be an integral part of the health profession, or that there are approximately 800 students enrolled in University of Minnesota Academic Health Center programs. However, after classes on Friday, those were among the things I took away from the Foundations of Interprofessional Communication and Collaboration (FIPCC) class. FIPCC is part of a new initiative to help students in health professional fields better learn what it means to be professional and demonstrate interprofessional teamwork. This course entails meeting with small groups of students from the different health fields, such as dentistry, pharmacy, public health, and veterinary medicine, completing online modules, and group discussions to help with professional growth and development as well as help students learn about other health fields and how to effectively work together.

So far we had the kickoff event which included several speakers, an overview of the course, and a brief introduction to our fellow group members. One of the take away messages that stuck with me (besides the story of how one speaker illustrated the power of humor by telling us how he received a warning instead of a speeding ticket when he pulled out a Monopoly "Get Out of Jail Free" card for the officer), was the above Will Rogers quote that touches on the importance of maintaining professionalism.

As aspiring health professionals, we are entering a field in which people are literally entrusting us with their lives and as the Spiderman quote goes "with great power, comes great responsibility." We have a responsibility to adhere to the accepted professional code of conduct and values. A responsibility to use our specialized knowledge to the best of our ability. A responsibility to respect the needs and concerns of those we serve. A responsibility to enhance the health and well-being of others. Therefore it is important to perform these responsibilities with honesty and integrity.

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