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Circulation Desk Worker Training Checklist


Hi everyone,

I'm creating a checklist of all of the basic functions performed by the Circulation Desk staff with the intention of using this information to assist in training new students and also as a way for new students to be able to track their own training progress.

Take a look at the following list and try to think of any other tasks, responsibilities or other information that new hires ought to know. Post your ideas as a comment, or at the very least, your initials so that I know you've read this.

Please speak up - you're such valuable resources and come up with such creative ideas!!

***Updated***Circulation Desk Worker Checklist



Does Document Delivery under the copy services include scan and send, phodels, and photocopy requests?

Also... Customer Service could include a map tour of the buildings around us. We get questions about that all the time and I remember that it took me awhile to figure out which buildings were where...


And maybe a tour of storage items such as paper room, toner, receipt tape and ribbons, etc.


Good suggestions, TLC!


For under Copy Services, be more specific and add colored copier too. Also I thought of the microfiche machine.

-- AJB

explain recalls, ill requests, locate and notifies, friends of the library, what to do with books that go on hold, and checking out unbound journals


Under circulation, what about new patron and books without barcodes?








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