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How to use the Scanner

How to use the Public Scanner...

1. Make sure the scanner is on. There should be be a '01' in the readout window. If it is not on, press the power button on the far left of the front panel.

2. Launch Adobe Photoshop via shortcut on the desktop.

3. Place your item for scanning face-down in the scanner. You will be given a preview of the image, so you can adjust the positioning of the item to be scanned if necessary.

4. In Adobe Photoshop, go File->Import->HP Scanjet 4500c/5550c (the first option).

5. Item will scan and a new window will pop up. Beneath and near the right-hand corner of the scanned image there will be two buttons: Preview and Accept. Preview will take a new picture over the one you already have. Accept will scan the image into Photoshop, at which point it can be saved (File-Save As) several different file types (see File Type drop-down).

-Remember to tell the person scanning that if they save something to the computer to go in and delete out when they are done and delete from the Trash can also.


Would it be possible to make a little card or something with this information on it to post next to the computer with the scanner?


I was told there would be something posted by Reference over by the computer.


It would also be helpful to have directions on how to turn the scanned images into a PDF.

- Amy

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