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No mo' EFS

Hi all -

EFS for self-service is dead. The FileMaker EFS databases are dead. We WILL accept EFS numbers, which will be recorded manually on the log at the desk, for desk (mediated) copies, color copies, ledger copies, Wangensteen copies, and PhotoDelivery requests.

Please politely explain that we are no longer able to accept verbal EFS numbers to patrons who attempt to use them. Then give them the green departmental copy cards explanation sheet, my card, and explain the new system. If patrons have questions, and I'm here, please get me. If not, take down the patron's contact information if they would like someone to follow up.

I have made ONE exception for a patron who will bring in a handwritten note with my signature. Please accept her EFS number through the end of February.

Questions? Comments? Let me know. Please post to the blog!











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