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Options, options - EFS solutions

Our patrons continue to come into the library hoping to use EFS numbers. Since we're no longer able to accept them, I thought I'd remind us all of the options that we can offer the patron instead:

1. Offer to check out the journal(s) so that the patron can make copies in his or her own office.

2. Offer to make copies on the spot FOR the patron at the mediated copy rate ($0.20/copy). Record the patron's EFS number and associated information on the manual log form kept at the desk. (Don't forget - we CAN accept EFS numbers in payment for anything except self-serve prints and copies.)

3. Explain that he or she can add value to his or her U Card with cash at the ValuePort or online from an account (a $2.00 surcharge applies for online deposits). If we have extra copy cards and the patron doesn't have a U Card, give him or her one of the courtesy copy cards, if available*.

4. If a courtesy copy card isn't available and the patron prefers not to purchase a copy card, offer to override the copier/printer so that the patron can pay for the copies/prints at the desk with cash or check.

I hope this helps. Does anyone else have any creative solutions or suggestions? I would love to hear them! Post your initials and your thoughts to the blog.


*Courtesy copy cards will be located in the drawer between the two Circulation stations.


Scanning the article and converting it into a pdf is another option. Although, it is more time consuming.











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