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The spirit of Zappos... Emily thinks Emily's student workers will enjoy this....

images.jpeg Zappos is an online shoe store that I'm sure that many of you are familiar with. I'm not necessarily writing this to endorse their products, since I've never ordered from them. I'm writing about them because their reputation for customer service excellence is amazing.

Here's an example: Jonathan and Timmy. (Read it, it's hilarious.)

Zappos is a fun brand, and we're a little more serious here, but I think the lesson of the chat above still holds: listen to the customer (or patron, as it were) and give them even better service than they had any reason to expect.

Here are the customer service basics that we expect from you:
- Make eye contact and smile when users approach the service desk.
- Greet approaching users (“Hi, how can I help you?").
- Explain policies and procedures clearly and demonstrate steps on your screen. (e.g. borrowing options, Get It!, ILL).
- Ask if users found everything they needed - every time.
- Call for back up if you get stuck.
- When giving directions to other locations, give the patron a campus or library map.
- WALK patrons to nearby locations in the building. It can also be as simple as going with the person to get them started in the right direction ("Let me show where the Reference section is located"). Use the wall maps when you send people up to the 4th floor. Get out from behind the desk!!
- Always be respectful of patrons.
- If someone looks lost, get out there and help! ("Is there something I can help you find?").
- Wear your name tag!!

Working with the public can be surprisingly fun! Do you have an example of a time when you either gave or received awesome customer service? Post it to the blog! What do you think about Timmy's Zappos chat? Post it to the blog! Nothing much to say? Post your initials to the blog!

Cheers and keep up the great work you do!










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