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--Several Important Reminders--
Please, ALL READ, Pages AND Deskers:

For the next three weeks-plus (Sunday, Nov. 29-Monday, Dec. 21) we will be recording the number of volumes and issues of journals that we handle in shelving by title in online databases. Except for three of you, we've done this before--but everyone, including the desk staff, should understand this process and desk staff may need to help out, especially now that we have fewer pages --so I will put the bulk of this memo below the cut, where anyone who needs a refresher should read.

Please record your initials as an indication that you've read and understand this memo. (IF you're not sure how to do that, come and ask me or another staff member to show you how to do so. Any of the desk students probably knows how to do this as well). This is also a good opportunity to record any questions or comments you have about this process.

All pages should be inputting each journal volume (and any unbound issues with the library barcodes--there are a few, mostly copy 2's) into the in-house use window before the volumes get shelved for the next week--and the upcoming weeks in December. Each volume must be scanned and recorded in the database on one of the computers at the service desk--most likely the check-in computer on the Ref. side of the service desk, but the regular Circ stations will work just fine--and when the Circ staff are doing this, may be preferred. Here are the steps to follow, subject to clarification over the next few days.

When starting a new truck of journals for shelving, put an "uncounted" (red) indicator in the pocket on the end of the truck. (If there are two pockets, two labels may be used--but mainly make sure that we don't have two conflicting messages). Put journals on the truck as usual, whether you're collecting them from tables in the stacks areas or by the copy machines, and then take them to a counting station at the Public Service desk.

Read each barcode (on the bound volumes, and any unbound copy 2s with barcodes) into the "in-house use" window in the Aleph client at the circulation desks.

For unbound journal issues, look up each unbound issue title and record the number of issues that you're shelving in the 2009 November Journal Statistics FileMaker database [Yes, December data will be included in the same database]. This can be done at the same computer or on the eMac, where we often record the Pagelog info.

When the truck is finished, change the "uncounted" red indicator to a green "counted" tab, and the truck is ready for shelving as usual. After emptying a counted truck, change the indicators back to uncounted.

• Obviously, do NOT pick up any loose journals along the way to shelving and add them on to the green-labeled "counted" truck--these must be counted first.
• All journals should be counted before they are shelved.
• Books with call numbers are NOT included in this process, so just handle them as usual--Asanka and PJ will take care of inputting them.

If the FileMaker database is not up, you may need to sign in: use the pull-down menu command "Open Remote," and choose the listed file, "2009 November JOURNAL STATISTICS"---Do NOT use the old "JOURNAL_STATISTICS" file, further down the list. Like most FileMaker files, put in the usual password, and the user name should be "Circstaff." The password should appear in the place where we keep the passwords, known to all desk staff.

I'm not going to try to fully discuss using the database to record these counts, but if no one has gone over this with you, please stop and ask to review this with either one of the desk students who is familiar with the process, or preferably with me (if I'm available) or Melissa or Steve. If there are particular points that you think should be highlighted, please add them in the comments that you can attach to this memo.

Here are a couple of points that should be noted:
1. When we count the journal titles, we would prefer not to count the items being reshelved from Technical Services, for instance, items returned from the bindery. These don't represent actual usage in the library, so place a "counted" slip in any trucks from Tech Services (but not trucks of materials returned to the back area of technical services in the daily deliveries as these do require counting). Similarly, materials from the interlibrary and document delivery services require counting, but InfoNOW staff do their own counting, in-house. So, trucks from InfoNOW should be given "counted" tabs, and NOT counted again.

This is not true for our own Interlibrary Loan and Document delivery materials or for the materials from Minitex (the people in room 279). Their trucks SHOULD be counted in the same stream as the regular materials. And correspondingly, materials used by Reference or Circ staff are mostly employed in the process of helping the public, so these should normally go into the counting stream, unlike the new arrivals from Tech Services.

2. If you can't find an unbound journal issue in the FIleMaker database, it may need to be added to the database. Leave it with David or put it on his chair.

3. If things won't work (you can't get the FileMaker database to start, Aleph just freezes and won't take the barcode input, whatever), please do NOT just skip the process. Talk to David or Steve or someone about getting help. Likewise, if you're not sure, or something isn't explained fully enough in this memo, please stop and ask for clarification. This is an important process or we wouldn't be spending time on it in the first place.

This process obviously adds a bit to the time it takes to pickup, sort and put away the journals. As I've previously discussed, this work can and ought to be shared between the pages & the desk staff.

Thanks for your help with this project. --David


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