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Gopher Gold Is Offline - What Do I Do?

Gopher Gold system was down for a time yesterday. However, we didn't receive any calls until 6:45pm.

This is just a reminder that the only way to let us know when you experience troubles with Gopher Gold after normal business hours is to call 612 626-9904. Please pass this number along to your front line staff. Thanks!

Heather Powell
Application Systems Manager
U Card Office


Everyone - please remember to use the Student Worker Guide in the links on the right when you have a question about a procedure. If you can't find instructions that you think should be there, let me know, and I'll add them.

Please find a procedure from the Guide and post it as a comment along with your initials.



And good luck with Finals, everyone!!!




Changing Due Dates

Sometimes permission is given to adjust loan periods on certain items. Adjusting loan periods using this procedure should only be done as items are initially loaned. Note: If a due date needs to be changed after the item has been loaned, it should be renewed and the date in the pop-up window adjusted.

Renewing a Single Loan

1. In the Patron field, type the barcode or the ID of the patron who wants to borrow the item. Click or press Enter.

2. In the Item field, type the barcode of the item the patron wants to borrow. Click or press Enter.

3. In the lower pane, click Change Date:The Change Date form pops up.

4. Enter a new due date and hour and click OK.

Credit Cards

Do we take credit cards and for what?

We accept credit cards for fines and Friends of the Libraries accounts ONLY!

Only a supervisor can accept them due to their private and sensitive information. If someone wants to pay with a credit card, please get a supervisor.

If a supervisor is NOT available, have the patron fill out the form fully (they must do this themselves). Place the completed form into the gray lock box in Room 278B (Pat and Melissa's office). Then complete the blue credit card tracking slip and place it in the cash register. (This alerts Administration that a credit card payment is pending.)






Fines Payments

We accept cash, check or student account transfer as payments for fines owed.

Call up the patron's fines record using the following steps:

1. Go to patron tab (F7) in Circ Module
2. Scan patron's ID card
3. On the left side of the screen, click the [C]Cash node
4. They payments they owe will be displayed in the right pane under Active Cash
5. Check the column under Sublibrary to see which libraries have assessed fines

Please do not enter Fines Payments into Aleph!


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