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****Important Security Alert: EMAIL SCAM*****

phishing.jpgThere's a pretty legit-looking "security alert" email going around campus right now. The sender claims to be from Norton Antivirus. But it's bogus, Ted:
***They insist you immediately click the enclosed link. You should never, ever click links in email, unless you're darn sure where they came from. A better practice is to look up the website online if you're concerned.
***They threaten to close your account within 24 hours. OIT would never do this; they'd either give you weeks to make a legitimate change or immediately close an account that posed a genuine threat. They do this all the time with compromised Ethernet jacks in the Libraries.
***The sender claims to be from Norton, which we don't use on campus. We use Symantec.

Trash the email if you get it.


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