March 30, 2011

Wiley Online Library

Wiley Online Library is doing some essential site maintenance Saturday April 2 and access may be interrupted during the indicated date and time.

Ovid Medline and New Firefox Update

Ovid Medline and New Firefox Update.

I helped a patron this morning who was unable to display any citations from any Ovid Medline searches that she performed. She was using Firefox as her web browser. When I had her try the same search using Internet Explorer she was able to display her results just fine. I talked to Steve Irons about the problem and he informed me that people have been experiencing some compatibility problems with the new Firefox update. Ovid is working fine on our computers but if you have any patrons contact you about not being able to display records in Ovid Medline, ask if they are using Firefox and suggest that they use Internet Explorer instead and please let me know. I will contact Ovid and let them know about the problem. Del

March 1, 2011

SAS update

Just an FYI to let you know that copies 1-4 of the SAS are up and
running again.

The license for copy 5 has expired and we need to re-up for that one. We'll be putting in an order for the renewal in the next day or two, but in the meantime, signage has been added to the computer in question letting patrons know that SAS is temporarily unavailable on that particular workstation.

February 14, 2011

SPSS is on vacation--BACK

UPDATE: SPSS is working again!

Our license to SPSS has expired. Until it has been renewed (not sure when that will be happening) please refer people to:

Walter Library 103
Magrath Library B50

Coffman Memorial Union B060
Coffey Hall 50
Learning and Environmental Sciences 220/230 (St. Paul campus)

To find a list of what software (SPSS, SAS, etc) is available for use and where to find it:

For computer center hours on campus:

October 14, 2010

Interruptions with the Wiley databases Saturday

FYI...there might be some interruptions with the Wiley databases.

Wiley Online Library Site Maintenance Notice

Dear Customer:

This message is to alert you of an interruption in the online service for Wiley Online Library.
Due to essential site maintenance, access may be interrupted during the indicated date and time.

Saturday - October 16, 2010

- beginning --
7:00 am New York
12:00 noon London / (11:00 GMT)
19:00 Singapore

up to 2 hours

August 12, 2010

Computer meeting with David

Hi All,

You are all required to attend one of these two computer classes with David.

Monday August 30, 5-6
Tuesday August 31, 3-4

Place to be determined.

Please send me an email about which day you will be coming too. If you cannot make one of these meetings I will be scheduling you for a meeting with David.


October 19, 2009

Aleph and computer outage starting Friday

Hi All,

Starting Friday please expect Aleph and other computer database issues. We will be using Aleph offline circulation until Monday.

Here is what is happening:

- Access to all Aleph modules and OPACs will be terminated at 4pm on
Friday afternoon, October 23. We expect that this downtime will last
approximately 3 hours. Primo (MNCAT Plus and QuickSearch) will be
available for searching during this time, although the links into Aleph
will not be functional while Aleph is down. We anticipate that the Aleph
"search-only" OPAC environment will become available around 7pm on Friday.

- Find It / E-Journals A-Z / Citation Finder (SFX) will be unavailable
for a brief period between 7pm and 8pm on Friday, October 23.

- Libraries OneSearch / article search box will be taken down for the
weekend beginning at 7pm, Friday, October 23.

- MNCAT Plus (Primo, QuickSearch in Duluth) will be taken down no
earlier than 7pm, Friday, October 23, and only after the Aleph
"search-only" OPAC system is functional.

- UThink blogs may experience a short downtime of 2-5 minutes the
afternoon of Friday, October 23, but we expect the service to remain up
and functional during the entirety of the downtime.

- The Twin Cities University Libraries main web site (
will change late afternoon, Friday, October 23 and will be a minimized
version of the site presenting only the most frequently used links.
These links will include MNCAT Classic, Indexes A-Z, and E-Journals, as
well as other services not affected by the downtime.

We are anticipating a fairly seamless return to our production systems
early on Sunday morning, October 25. However, staff should continue to
use Aleph offline circulation until they receive communication on Monday
morning asking them to switch back to the regular circulation system.

Please post to the blog!

October 6, 2009

iTunes priority stations

Because some students need to listen to their professors' lectures on iTunes U it's important to have the use of iTunes at our workstations. We discovered today that iTunes doesn't seem to work with iTunes U on the Windows stations. It does work on the Macs. And Steve I fixed one Windows station. So, for the time being I've designated iMac 4 and iMac 6 and Windows station Green 16 as "ITunes priority stations," with signs indicating that people can be "bumped" for iTunes use, as on the SAS and SPSS stations. I hope this is temporary, but I'm not sure when we can have the rest of the Windows stations fixed and it might be a while. --David

August 19, 2009

Reminder: Public Computer Authentication

With the Fall Semester soon upon us, we might see an increase in patrons neededing to set up their Active Directory.

The student/staff/faculty does not have an Active Directory account

1. Go to
2. Login with your U of M ID and Password:
3. After successfully logging in, scroll down to the "Active Directory Account Options" link:.
4. Select the" Active Directory Account Options" link, agree to terms, and then click SUBMIT. Usually the account is created quickly, under five minutes or less. Once your account is activated, you can attempt to log into the computer.
5. If you need further assistance, please contact Health Sciences Libraries tech support, or library staff.