July 15, 2010

Articles & Non U People

Hi All,

Just a reminder that if a library patron is NOT a U of MN person (staff, faculty, student) you are NOT allowed to email them articles. They must come to the library and print for themselves OR they can call InfoNOW to get the article (which is why we have the InfoNOW service, for those non-U people who want research and articles).

Emailing Non U patrons articles violates the U Libraries licensing agreements.

-NO, you cannot email it to them if they are in the library.
-Yes, you can save it to a jump drive/flash drive for them

Questions, see me or Emily.

Post to the blog that you will never ever email an article to a NON-U person.


March 29, 2010

U Cards

Just a reminder that the U Card office is no longer converting value from U Cards,old Gopher Gold Cards and Library Copy Cards to the new debiting system. They ceased converting cards last summer which was announced in the Minnesota Daily and posters throughout campus, including the Libraries.

Please do not send patrons to the U Card office to have their value converted.

April 30, 2009

Toner scams

Everyone -

Please be aware that the toner scammers are at it again. Typically, they say that they are calling to resupply us with our toner and need us to give them the toner styles being used. NEVER, EVER give this information out. In fact, as soon as you even hear the word toner, transfer the call to me. These callers have been known to be pushy, but don't let that faze you. Just politely inform the caller that you must transfer the call to your supervisor.

Please post "Beware of toner scams!" and your initials to the blog. :)


March 23, 2009

Copy Services issue - important

Please check in with me or Melissa regarding a Copy Services issue. Once you've spoken with one of us, you may post your initials to the blog.


February 18, 2009

Options, options - EFS solutions

Our patrons continue to come into the library hoping to use EFS numbers. Since we're no longer able to accept them, I thought I'd remind us all of the options that we can offer the patron instead:

1. Offer to check out the journal(s) so that the patron can make copies in his or her own office.

2. Offer to make copies on the spot FOR the patron at the mediated copy rate ($0.20/copy). Record the patron's EFS number and associated information on the manual log form kept at the desk. (Don't forget - we CAN accept EFS numbers in payment for anything except self-serve prints and copies.)

3. Explain that he or she can add value to his or her U Card with cash at the ValuePort or online from an account (a $2.00 surcharge applies for online deposits). If we have extra copy cards and the patron doesn't have a U Card, give him or her one of the courtesy copy cards, if available*.

4. If a courtesy copy card isn't available and the patron prefers not to purchase a copy card, offer to override the copier/printer so that the patron can pay for the copies/prints at the desk with cash or check.

I hope this helps. Does anyone else have any creative solutions or suggestions? I would love to hear them! Post your initials and your thoughts to the blog.


*Courtesy copy cards will be located in the drawer between the two Circulation stations.

February 4, 2009

No mo' EFS

Hi all -

EFS for self-service is dead. The FileMaker EFS databases are dead. We WILL accept EFS numbers, which will be recorded manually on the log at the desk, for desk (mediated) copies, color copies, ledger copies, Wangensteen copies, and PhotoDelivery requests.

Please politely explain that we are no longer able to accept verbal EFS numbers to patrons who attempt to use them. Then give them the green departmental copy cards explanation sheet, my card, and explain the new system. If patrons have questions, and I'm here, please get me. If not, take down the patron's contact information if they would like someone to follow up.

I have made ONE exception for a patron who will bring in a handwritten note with my signature. Please accept her EFS number through the end of February.

Questions? Comments? Let me know. Please post to the blog!


January 21, 2009

EFS Instructions for January

I posted this on December 31st, but Steve pointed out to me that we have had a number of students return or start since then. If you've already posted your initials, no need to do so again. If you haven't, please commence reading and post away!
Hi all,

The touchkey-enabled machine has officially been retired. With that, officially, we no longer accept EFS numbers. Unofficially, we will continue to accept them through the end of the month. (But for heaven's sakes, don't tell the patrons that.) If someone wishes to pay for copies with an EFS number, here's what you do:

1. Tell them that we no longer accept EFS numbers, but we'll override the system as a special exception.
2. Hand them the green EFS sheet, my card, and ask them to contact me if they have any questions about the new system.
3. Use the manager's override card to override the printer or copier.
4. Count copies/prints and enter the EFS transaction in the regular old FileMaker Pro database.
5. LOG the transaction.

Don't worry about the number of times someone asks us to override the system. I'll be watching the log and following up with these individuals during the course of the month.

In the future, continue to log all instances in which you use the override card - EFS and non-affiliates both. Do not fail to log transactions!

Questions? Comments? I'm interested in your feedback, so don't hesitate to post a comment or chase me down! And yes, per the usual drill, please post your initials so that I know you've read this post.

Thanks! and Happy New Year!

November 24, 2008

Big EFS changes are afoot - Dec. 31st is the last day we'll accept EFS numbers

Hi all -

Please start distributing the green handouts at the desk to all EFS account users. The handout has all of the information on it, so I'm not going to reiterate it all here, but you should be familiar with its content and prepared to answer user questions. The jist:

1. We will no longer accept EFS account numbers as payment for self-serve prints and copies after Dec. 31st. (We will accept EFS account numbers for mediated services - more on this to come.)
2. Departmental copy cards are now available as an alternate method of payment. They work like a credit card, invoicing the department monthly for all copies/prints made using the card.
3. Departmental accountants must request cards from the U Card Office on behalf of departmental staff.

Please let me know ASAP if you have questions or don't understand something about this new service. Post your initials to indicate you've got it.


October 15, 2008

To Report ValuePort, Copier or UniPrint Problems...

To report a problem with a Value Port or an off-line CBORD reader,
Library staff can call the U Card Office directly. If a reader is
off-line you will see in the right hand of the digital display the
word OFF. The copier will still work, but this should be reported as
soon as possible to the U Card Office.

Mon.-Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm

After 4:30 pm and on Weekends

October 10, 2008

Copy and Print and EFS, Oh My!

It's a moving target, people. Please read this carefully.

1. Alternate Printers and Locations - Printing for EFS users or for those without U Cards or copy cards
As of today, patrons should use CCR_A if they don't want to use Uniprint. Jobs will go to the large printer, which is located in the back in Room 203. By Monday or Tuesday of next week, patrons should send jobs to Circ_A, which is the printer located at the desk. Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday, print options should be limited to:
A. CCR_Q - Uniprint (default printer)
B. Circ_A - alternate printing location (at desk)
C. Ricoh Color Copier - for color printing to Ricky
D. PDF Creator - to create PDFs.

2. Triaging copy or print questions at desk
When assisting patrons with print questions, it is a good idea to ask them if they will be using an EFS/budget/CUFS number to pay for their copies/prints before diving into an explanation of the card-based system. Don't assume that everyone will be using a U Card or copy card.

3. Answering questions about changes to our print and copy systems
Many of our patrons, often faculty and/or EFS budget number users, have had questions about why we have made changes. I want you all to be able to address these questions consistently, so here are the "talking points" in a nutshell:

These changes were part of a mandated, University Libraries system-wide upgrade. As a result of the changes, our users will experience a number of benefits: they no longer have to wait for staff to count and collate prints, affiliated users can make copies during Extended Access hours, and soon EFS users will no longer have to remember complex EFS numbers.

4. Future EFS changes
At the end of the calendar year, the EFS budget number system currently in use will also change. After 12/31/08, we will no longer accept and enter EFS number in payment for prints and copies. However, people will still be able to charge prints and copies to an EFS number through the use of a departmental copy card.

Departmental accountants will need to request departmental copy cards from the U Card Office for their users. I will be providing you all with additional information and handouts for our users within the next week or two.

We've experienced a LOT of change in a short period. I want to express what a great job I think you've all done. Please post, so I know you've gotten this far.

Thanks & keep up the great work!

October 6, 2008

Add value to U Card or copy card online

G4Glogo.jpg The Gopher Gold website for adding value online is finally up and running! This is an alternate way to add value to a U Card or copy card - just keep in mind that there is a $2.00 convenience fee. No convenience fee is charged when depositing cash at a ValuePort or when depositing cash or check at the U Card Office. Check out the new website at:

Questions? Comments? Let me know! Please post your initials so I know you've read this.

September 25, 2008

Contact information for Odyssey, Value Port, and CBORD problems

Hi all,

As you are all aware, all University Libraries public copying and printing equipment has been upgraded to the new CBORD debiting system. You may have noticed that we've encountered a couple of problems here and there (understatement of the year).

So, if I or another supervisor isn't available and you encounter a major problems with the system, for example "Offline" errors, or a card-reader that isn't dispensing cards, etc., here's what to do:

* On weekdays before 4:30, call the U Card office at (612) 626-9900.
* On evenings or weekends, call Heather Powell at (651) 765-7476.

For non-urgent problems -- that is, if the system still seems to be working, just acting a little funny -- then send her an email at Make sure you copy me on any emails you send to Heather!!!

That is all.


September 17, 2008

Crazy Printing, Uniprint Queue Cleaner

printer repair.jpg Should we need to kill jobs on the Uniprint stations, we now can.

Check it out in the new Print/Copy/ValuePort FAQ.

If you have suggestions for additional FAQ, please let me know!

Thanks, Emily

September 4, 2008

Printing and Copying

It's been a busy start to the year, and there have been a lot of recent changes. Please make sure that you read back at least a week to make sure that you are up to date.

Printing Changes

As of yesterday, we've begun switching over to Uniprint, which is the self-serve printing used by the rest of the University Libraries. All machines marked with a yellow dot are Uniprint-enabled, and the rest will be following very shortly. When that happens, all machines will default to send jobs to the print release stations. There are two print release stations on the cloverleaf table on the 2nd floor and one near the stairwell on the 3rd floor.

Users may also still print to the Circulation Desk, by changing the drop-down menu in the Print Window to CCR_A. EFS number users will need to do this, for example.

Copying Changes

We have converted most of our copiers to self-serve, as well. We have two self-serve machines with card readers (one on each floor) and one more on the 2nd floor will be switched over by the end of the week. The only Touchkey machine that will remain will be located adjacent to the Circulation Desk. At the end of the calendar year, this machine will be eliminated, and we will be entirely self-serve for standard copying. (We will continue to mediate color copying, etc.)


In order to use our new self-serve options, patrons will need to add value to either a U Card or a copy card. Cash value may be added at the ValuePort on the 2nd floor. (Eventually, our users will also have the option of adding value online for a $2.00 transaction fee.) Unaffiliated users may purchase copy cards for $1.00 at the ValuePort.

I expect you'll have questions. Please let me know as they come up!

Good luck and thanks!

July 3, 2008

Color Copies

Color copy prices have dropped: $0.50/page - regular color copy, $1.00/page - color ledger and transparency.

June 30, 2008

EFS is here!

I can't believe it! Please view this PowerPoint presentation. Once you've done so, add your initials to the blog. I'll be checking in with all of you this week.


May 29, 2008

Cash Register Review

ER420LG.jpg Hi everyone,

It's time for a cash register review. I've gotten some feedback from the Accounting Office that errors have run amok, so I thought we'd go over the basics.

1. Opening - Double count the drawer. Fill out the opening slip completely and make sure that it matches the previous day's closing slip. Any errors greater than $0.50 need to be reported to me. (I'll be checking, so don't make me come after you!)

2. Closing - Double count the drawer. Fill out the closing slip completely. Attach the cash register receipt.

3. Cash Register Error Slips (formerly known as Overring Slips) - Fill out slips completely. If you are the reason for the error (a doh.jpgmoment, rather than the patron choosing an alternate payment method, for example), you need to re-ring the transaction and indicate that you've done so on the slip or explain why. Place in cash drawer when completed.

Questions? Comments? Yes! Comments! Comment on this post so that I know you've read it.

Thanks everyone! Ice cream for all! (Dave brought in ice cream so that we can finish off the cones and toppings still in the break room. Thanks very much, Dave!)


April 24, 2008

What the heck happened to the copiers!?


I am going to be moving two of the photocopiers on the 3rd floor today from their old location by the floor plans to the other side of the glass wall by the staircase. This move is in preparation for the up-coming library renovations that will be taking place this summer. We'll still be using touchkeys for these two copiers, so I'm counting on you to make sure that patrons get all of the help they need and don't wander away forgetting to pay for their copies!

Thanks, everybody!

February 7, 2008

Toner Scam Alert

Wangensteen Library has been receiving a number of toner scam phone
calls recently. Individuals call to "verify" a toner order.

Please do not respond to these callers. Legitimate orders will be
placed in the Administration Office and any follow up will be through
this office. You may refer them to 612 626-0998 and we will deal with them.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

October 16, 2007

Possible PubMed solution?


According to one of the librarians who has been troubleshooting offsite access to PubMed Find It Links, there may be a solution. Users should be instructed to access PubMed by clicking on the PubMed icon in the center of our homepage. For some reason, this appears to fix the problem for some people. Woohoo!