March 17, 2004

Bio-Med's Haudy Kazemi Wins U Libraries Outstanding Student Employee Award

The Friends of the University of Minnesota Library recently announced the winners of the 2004 Outstanding Student Employee Award. One of this year's award winners is Bio-Med's own Haudy Kazemi. Please join us in congratulating Haudy!

Haudy has worked on the Bio-Med Library's staff for three years. He has made major contributions to critical technical projects in the Computing Services Department, and has also been active in providing prompt, flexible, and friendly technical support to our Library staff and patrons.

Computing Services staff member Chacko Kuruvilla had to say of the award, "Recognition of Haudy's special contributions to the Computing Services Department was long overdue, and seeing him win the 'Best Student Award' for 2004 has been a source of enormous pleasure for all of us here at Bio-Med. The award is a wonderful way to thank Haudy for his resourcefulness and good will on the job. Awards like this are also a general nod to the many bright and capable student workers who have worked (and currently work) at the Bio-Medical library and at the University Libraries in general."

Steve Irons, also of Computing Services, added, "Haudy has consistently provided the highest level of performance possible. The ripple effect of his skills and his willingness to tackle the stickiest of problems have had an enormous effect on the library." Steve added, "Additionally, he has been an inspiration to other student workers, who often come to him for technical advice, when they encounter an insurmountable obstacle...I'm glad to see that people are recognizing his work by nominating him."

Haudy is majoring in biology and minoring in computer science. He plans to attend graduate school to study health informatics once he completes his bachelor's work.

The Libraries' Outstanding Student Employee Award is presented in recognition of the vital, high quality work that student employees perform in the University Libraries. Also winning the award this year is Ryan Stoer of Wilson Library. Ryan and Haudy will each receive $250 and a $50 gift certificate to the University Bookstore. They will also by honored guests at the Friends of the Library Annual Meeting on April 28, 2004.

Posted by biomednews at March 17, 2004 05:03 PM