June 16, 2004

PLoS Medicine to Premiere Fall 2004

plosmed_header3.gifPLoS Medicine, a new open access publication of the Public Library of Science, is currently taking submissions for the debut fall 2004 issue. The journal will feature international advancements in all medical disciplines, including epidemiology and public health. Articles will be selected by teams of academic and professional editors, who are supported by expert peer-reviewers.

As an open access journal, the content of PLoS Medicine will be free and immediately available on the PLoS website and in PubMed Central for anyone with an Internet connection to read, download, and redistribute. Publishing costs of the non-profit company are paid by authors, who retain copyright on their published work, using research grant money and sponsors.

This “open access” model of publishing is envisioned as a mechanism to improve access to scientific information. Rapidly rising journal subscription costs in the sci-tech publishing world threaten to severely curtail access to the research literature. See Create Change for more information on open access.

PLoS Medicine is the second open access journal launched by PLoS. PLoS Biology entered circulation in October 2003.

- Heather Bryan, Veterinary Medical Library

Posted by biomednews at June 16, 2004 04:54 PM