June 18, 2004

Bio-Med Librarian Presents at U of M/University of Puerto Rico Seminar

puerto rico photo.gifAs information specialists, the knowledge and services provided by librarians have a reach extending beyond the borders of the University of Minnesota. In the case of Cindy Gruwell, a Bio-Medical reference librarian, they travel all the way to Puerto Rico.

Gruwell partnered with U of M faculty Dr. Brad Benson, M.D., and Dr. James Nixon, M.D. to present University of Minnesota/University of Puerto Rico: Practice-Based Learning Collaborative, a continuing medical education course, in San Juan, Puerto Rico on May 8, 2004. Attended by nearly 60 UPR medical faculty members, the seminar detailed how to incorporate practice-based learning into the UPR medical residency program.

“This was really a collaboration to improve educational standards,” said Gruwell of the partnership. “It allowed us to combine our expertise at finding and using information tools with their expertise at reading and interpreting the literature.” Examples of tools covered in the presentation include database searching to pinpoint relevant material, and the use of personal digital assistant software for point-of-care reference. “The audience was already experienced,” said Gruwell, “We just showed them the structure of the tools.”

Dr. Benson was contacted by Dr. Yolanda Gomez, UPR Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical Education, after an accreditation review showed less strength in practice-based learning than the university desired. The day-long seminar was organized in a month, complete with a blog created by Gruwell including resources in English and Spanish.

The success of the seminar left both universities with hopes of future collaboration. Gruwell praised the U of M and UPR faculty, saying, “Everyone was a pleasure to work with. The atmosphere was very positive, and everyone was eager to learn.”

-Heather Bryan, Veterinary Medical Library

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