December 20, 2004

LUMINA to U, Point to Point Services Available

Need a book from a library on a different bank or campus, but the weather outside is too much to brave? If you need library materials from the Bio-Medical Library, PhotoDelivery offers document delivery services for a nominal fee. But what if you need library materials located in Wilson Library, Magrath Library, Walter Library, or one of the many libraries on the Twin Cities campus? Two services offered by the University Libraries, Point to Point and LUMINA to U, might be the services you’re looking for!

Point to Point is a free delivery service provided to deliver books from one campus or bank to another for University of Minnesota students, staff, and faculty. Point to Point provides delivery of currently available books to a library on a different bank or campus than the library that owns the material. Some library materials, such as reference books, reserve readings, and journals, are not available through Point to Point. Point to Point services may be requested in person at any circulation desk or online at

LUMINA to U provides a variety of free and fee-based document delivery services for current students, staff, and faculty. Students may request delivery of articles and off-campus delivery of books, while faculty, staff, and students registered with Disability Services may request delivery of articles and on- and off-campus delivery of books.
For more information, visit, email, send a fax (612) 626-7585 or call (612) 626-2260.

Posted by biomednews at December 20, 2004 11:45 AM