July 27, 2005

New OVID Interface

OVID Technologies (MEDLINE, CINAHL, etc.) released a major change to its search interface on Tuesday, July 12th. The basic search functions of the database remain the same, but Ovid has updated its look and usability.

Classic features such as “Explode”, “Focus” and “Scope Note” are carried over, along with some lesser known tools such as the “Contexts” button. This button appears on the subject heading “Tree” page and when clicked, displays all instances of any term within the taxonomy. Convenient “U of MN Find-It” buttons link to full text options and MNCat holdings.

In addition, the new interface offers some new functions:

• "Find Similar" - a feature similar to Pubmed's "Related Article" link
• "Find Citation" - a feature similar to Pubmed's "Single Citation Matcher"
• "Find Citing Articles" - a feature that links to the full text of citing articles. Please note: Ovid's "Find Citing Articles" only links to articles from journals that are available through Journals@Ovid. For more comprehensive citation searching, use ISI's Web of Science available through the http://www.biomed.lib.umn.edu/bms.html page under “W.”

Your web browser version may need upgrading to support forthcoming new features on Ovid. For best results, we recommend the following minimum browser versions:

• Internet Explorer 6.x and above - IE 5.x in not supported for Macs
• Netscape 6.x and above

If you have difficulties with the new Ovid interface over the next few weeks, please report your problems to medref@umn.edu (our email reference service), or call the Reference Desk at 612-626-3260.

Posted by biomednews at July 27, 2005 04:06 PM