September 15, 2004

Chad Fennell Joins Bio-Med Staff

chadfennell.jpgThe Bio-Medical Library is excited to have a new librarian, Chad Fennell, join its staff! Chad comes to the library from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he completed his M.S. in Library and Information Science. Chad's responsibilities at the library will include reference and instruction, and he will be the library's web site coordinator.

Chad comes with a strong background in web design in an educational context. He was a graduate assistant with the University Library at Illinois, performing interactive site design for an information literacy initiative. Says Chad, "My work at the University of Illinois consisted primarily of creating web-based applications, database maintenance and web site design for the Undergraduate and Main libraries. I brought an interest and some experience in database design with me to the U of I, and I learned to make database content interactive via web scripting as a graduate student in library school."

Chad has big plans for his work over the next year. "In regards to web development, I hope that those of us involved (directly or indirectly) in web development at the Bio-Medical Library will produce online tools, content and services that directly address the daily needs of our user populations through research and collaboration...there will be opportunities for Bio-Med to lead the way in creating new, innovative web services for our patrons. In terms of “traditional” library services, I look forward to providing the best service that I can to our patrons through instruction, reference, collection development and liaison outreach. The staff here has been extremely generous in sharing their valuable insights...this will be a year of intense learning as well."

The work comes with its dangers, judging from what Chad had to say about his previous experience: "You could say that I became a little addicted to scripting and to creating dynamic web systems in general, as I would often program into the wee hours of the morning without noticing the hours that had passed since I began." We promise to seek treatment for Chad if his addiction gets the better of him. Now that he's settled in Minneapolis, Chad hopes to get a dog -- perhaps that will help temper those late night coding sessions.

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September 10, 2004

ILLiad for ILL is coming soon!

What is ILLiad? It's the new interlibrary loan management software that will be implemented early in Fall Semester 2004. With ILLiad, you'll be able to:

- submit ILL requests more conveniently. With ILLiad, you enter your address and other personal information only once, when you register.
- view the status and history of all your ILL requests
- order online, any time, any place!
- view your articles electronically

Please note: your ILLiad account will be separate from your MNCAT account.

Watch for further information in the coming weeks about how you can register for and start using ILLiad to improve your ILL experience!

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September 01, 2004

New Furniture Arriving at Bio-Med!

out with the old furniture...New study area tables and chairs are arriving this week at the Bio-Medical Library! This furniture replaces the library’s wooden furnishings, which were original to the building’s opening in 1959, were in deteriorated condition, and were considered uncomfortable for many patrons. New upholstered seating areas and end tables are also expected to arrive in the library later this month. (Please note that minor disruptions to quiet study areas and traffic in the library may occur during installation; signs will be posted around the library when the installation date approaches.)

...and in with the new!The library has also substantially upgraded the group study rooms on the second floor and added two additional rooms, offering eight rooms for group study use. Several individual computer workstation carrels have been added on all floors and lighting is also being improved throughout the library.

This furniture replacement and other upgrades to the study areas are being funded by an endowment to the Bio-Medical Library.

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