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St. Paul boy ends brutal assault with 911 call

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A 6-year-old boy called St. Paul police on Tuesday and told police that his mother was being assaulted, according to the Pioneer Press. The boy's father, Gregory Donnell Harris, 37, of Minneapolis was charged with with felony domestic assault and violation of orders for protection.

The boy's mother told his father he couldn't stay when he showed up at their house over the weekend, according to MPR. He jumped on top of the woman, punching her and trying to choke her. The young boy grabbed a phone and hit his father in the head. The father chased the son outside where the boy found another phone and dialed 911. The father, who fled the scene, was later arrested by police.

Sewer issue shuts down building in Hennepin county

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An "unpleasant odor" was detected in a Hennepin county building on Friday and the building was shut down, according to the Star Tribune. The building is scheduled to reopen on Monday. The Century Plaza building off 12th Street and 3rd Avenue S., which houses social services and other county services, reported the strong sewage odor early Friday.

The building deals primarily with residents who want to apply for social services, food stamps, health care coverage and other safety net services, according to CBS Local. People wanting to apply for those services can do so at the Northwest Family Service Center at 7501 Brooklyn Boulevard in Brooklyn Center.

You are now encouraged to "pack heat" when visiting a small, southern Minnesota restaurant called the Langtry Cafe, according to a Pioneer Press story. Every Thursday at this Mower County community called Brownsdale establishment is "conceal and carry day." Customers openly carrying receive a 25 percent discount.

The owner, Steve Nagel, doesn't mind discounting his customers' meals in support of their second amendment rights, according to CBS Minnesota. The restaurant has hosted conceal and carry classes in the past and two classes next month are already sold out.

I94 crash kills three, injures five others

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I94 and 49th street in Minneapolis was the site of a deadly car wreck on Sunday, according to the Start Tribune. Three people were killed and five others were injured when their minivan rolled in the midst of busy traffic. The crash shut down I94 for much of Sunday afternoon. The victims names and the cause of the crash have not been released to the public.

This crash was part of the deadliest weekend on Minnesota roads in 2013, according to the Pioneer Press. The dead were described as two women, ages 40 and 80, and a teenage boy, age 16. The victims were all in a Toyota Sienna that rolled and crossed four lanes of traffic before crashing into the median. All the injured are expected to survive, according to the Star Tribune.

St. Paul man found guilty of vehicular homocide

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The Pioneer Press reported Thursday that a St. Paul man has pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and injury in a drunken Interstate 94 crash that killed one man and gravely injured two other people. Eugene Michael Farrell was involved in the crash at 10:30 p.m. on Dec. 18, 2011. He admitted to drinking earlier in the evening during the trial.

Farrell was originally charged with two counts of criminal vehicular homicide and four counts of criminal vehicular operation, according to Kare 11. Three people were injured after Farrell ran into them by a previous crash site. A leg was lost by to of the victims.

A man who was in town for a hockey tournament was charged on Tuesday with stealing two six packs of beer and a wallet from the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul, according to a Pioneer Press report. Mark Paul Murto, 52, of Woodbury was caught on camera stealing the beer from a caterer's refrigerator.

WCCO also reported on the story saying that a complaint was filed on Mar 23 saying that two six packs of beer had been stolen. Another complaint was also filed the day before saying a teacher's wallet had been stolen form her purse in a classroom. Police reviewed the surveillance footage and identified a man who they believed had stolen both items. Two days later an off-duty police officer spotted the same man in the video, wearing the same clothes. Murto could face up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.

Death of St. Paul woman confirmed as murder

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Kare 11 reported Wednesday that the death of a St. Paul woman whose body was found in a towed car is now confirmed to be a murder. 18-year-old Charise Clardy was found on Feb. 21. She was found 8 days after her car was towed from Brooklyn Park.

According to the official police report published in the Fridley Patch said that the body was found in Columbia Heights. The police are not releasing anymore details and the case is still under investigation.

One dead in local bar fight

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A bar fight left one man dead and another with non-life-threatening injuries, according to the Star Tribune. The assault happened around 2 a.m. Saturday morning at the Moonshine Saloon in St. Paul.. Police responded to the call and found the two men lying outside on the street with 25-30 other bar patrons standing outside.

According to the Pioneer Press police are still investigating the incident and do not have much information. St. Paul Police Sgt. Paul Paulos said that somebody who was inside must have seen what happened and should call the police immediately. The Moonshine Saloon has not been a problem bar in the past, police said.

On Tuesday afternoon a K-9 police dog was stabbed by a man suspected of a sex crime that police had cornered in a basement, the Star Tribune reported. That is where the suspect stabbed the dog, who died en route to an animal hospital. After the dog was stabbed officers reportedly shot and killed the suspect, a 32-year-old Missouri man.

MPR added that the dog's handler had fought for his life in the line of duty before. Officer Dave Longbehn was awarded his department's Medal of Valor after he caught the man who killed a Maplewood police officer in 2010. The man attacked Longbehn with a club and Longbehn shot and killed the man. The dog, Kody, had been with the department for seven years.

Minnesota moose population declines dramatically

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On Wednesday the Brainerd Dispatch reported that the Minnesota moose population has dropped 35 percent from last year. In response to these numbers the Minnesota DNR has suspended all moose hunting indefinitely. The moose populations has been in decline over the last few years and has been cut in half since 2010, according to the Minnesota DNR. In the story the DNR commissioner Tom Landwehr stresses that the decline is not directly related to hunting pressure but that stopping the hunt is the only control we have over the population decline.

The Star Tribune also posted and detailed a plan to research the moose population to further evaluate the problem. It is the largest and most high-tech moose research ever. 100 moose will be tagged and their movements will be monitored. When a collar stops moving for more than 24 hours a team of biologists will locate the carcass and take it to a veterinarian for evaluations. Two of the potential causes of the increasing deaths are ticks and brain worm, according to the report.

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