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On Friday evening CNN reported that the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings had finally been apprehended, bringing to a close a long manhunt. Boston police tweeted: "CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won. Suspect in custody." Dzhokar Tsarnaev, 19, who escaped an overnight shootout with police that left his older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev dead, was surrounded and captured while hiding in a boat parked in the Boston suburb of Watertown. The arrest came just minutes after police announced the long manhunt had been a failure.

The standoff with Tsarnaev lasted for over an hour, according to Yahoo News. The boat was parked in the backyard of a home not far from where Tsarnaev and his deceased brother engaged in a long shootout with law enforcement just 24 hours prior. Tsarnaev is a student at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. The Tsarnaev family is originally from Chechnya, a volatile and once war-torn southern Russian republic. The arrest allows a rattled and tense community to finally breath a sigh of relief.

Massive explosion hits Texas fertilizer plant

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A fire at a fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas erupted into a massive explosion Wednesday, CNN reported. At least two people are dead and dozens have gone to local hospitals seeking medical attention. Officials fear that death toll could rise much higher as the investigation continues. The local community of around 2,600 people has been evacuated as officials say a second tank at the plant could also explode.

The Huffington Post's report puts the death toll at 60-70 people, according to a local radio station. Firefighters and first responders are some of the dead and injured. Several people in a nearby nursing home were injured from the blast. Authorities are still investigating the cause.

A bus crashed near Irving, Texas sending 44 people to a local hospital and leaving two people dead, according to a CNN report. At least three people are in critical condition and many of the victims are elderly, according to Dr. Paul Pepe, Irving Fire Department's medical director.

The bus was a charter bus and it careened off the road and flipped on its side, according to ABC. The bus belonged to the Cardinal Coach Line and was on its way to a casino in Oklahoma. Investigators were sent to the scene but a cause has not yet been determined.

Arkansas hit hard by tornado

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A tornado formed out of a storm system in northern Arkansas that damaged homes and destroyed a church, CNN reported on Wednesday. Around 33 homes and many business were damaged during the storm, according to Tommy Jackson of the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management.The twister demolished the sanctuary, fellowship area, classrooms and a pavilion at Botkinburg Foursquare Church.

The tornado also turned over an 18-wheeler truck, according to the Huffington Post. At least three people were injured during the storm and at the peak of the storm, around 6000 customers were without power. Despite this storm, this year has started out as a slow year for tornadoes in Arkansas. About half the normal number have been spotted.

Lost family spends night in Everglades

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CNN reported on Saturday that a father's wrong turn in the Everglades was what caused him and his family to become lost, but his outdoors expertise also kept them safe. The Schreck family spent the night Thursday in an ecosystem home to alligators and venomous snakes. The trip began on a rented boat but the family began stranded after the father's wrong turn.

Naples News reported that the family was found when rescuers heard whistles and horns blowing. They were spotted by a helicopter in thick vegetation. They launched their airboat Thursday morning in extreme western Miami-Dade County but did not return by nightfall. A large-scale search and rescue effort took place resulting in the rescue of the family, and they are in good condition.

Navy Seal killed in parachuting accident

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On Friday USA Today reported that a navy seal had been killed and another injured during a parachuting accident in Arizona. As of this report the victims had not been identified. A senior enlisted officer was pronounced dead at the University of Arizona Hospital and the other was listed in stable condition. The SEALs were practicing "routine military free-fall training."

CNN reported on Saturday that the deceased officer was identified as Special Warfare Operator Chief Brett D. Shadle, 31, of Elizabethville, Pennsylvania. Shadle was assigned to an East Coast-based Naval Special Warfare unit and was part of SEAL Team Six. The accident happened in a remote part of Arizona and no information is available about the cause.

Small plane crashes into Indiana home

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On Sunday a small plane crashed near South Bend, Indiana killing two and injuring three others, according to a CNN report. The plane crashed into two separate homes and possibly damaged a third. The aircraft was a small private jet. Nearby houses were evacuated due to a subsequent gas leak.

Fox News reported that the plane appeared to be experiencing mechanical problems. The Beechcraft Premier I twin-jet left Oklahoma late Sunday afternoon and crashed near South Bend Regional Airport. Of the three people injured from the collision two are in fair condition and one is in serious condition.

Rapper Lil Wayne suffers seizure

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CNN reported Friday that Grammy award-winning rap artist Lil Wayne suffered a seizure and is recovering. Speculation around the time of the seizure had Lil Wayne in critical condition, but a tweet from his own Twitter account confirmed that he is alright and is recovering from the affliction.

USA Today reported that Wayne suffered multiple seizures during the filming of a music video for Nicki Minaj's new single, High School, and that the cause is unclear. The rapper also suffered seizures back in October and was put on seizure medication by his doctor.

CNN reported Friday that a small town's city council in Georgia just north of Atlanta has unanimously approved a proposal to require all households in the town to own a firearm. Councilmen Duane Cronic called the potential law a "deterrence" and said it's no different than putting an ADT sign in the front yard.

ABC10 news reported that the council, in a city called Nelson, said this new law would be a message to lawmakers who want to restrict gun ownership. The law would still prevent felons from owning guns and would make exempt from the law anybody who is opposed to firearms.

Worker at an animal sanctuary killed by lion

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CNN reported Wednesday that an intern at an animal sanctuary in California was killed by a lion. The 24-year-old female intern was killed by an African lion inside a cage at an exotic cat sanctuary. The lion, a 5-year-old, 350-pound cat named Cous Cous, was shot and killed during the attack.

The USA Today contradicted CNN's report saying the female intern was actually 26 years old and the lion was 4 years old. A sheriff's deputy shot and killed the animal. Another intern attempted to distract the lion during the attack but was unsuccessful. The sanctuary is still trying to determine the cause of the attack. Because of regulations limiting human and animal contact in such sanctuaries attacks such as this one are very rare, according a Department of Fish and Wildlife officer.

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