Man who sued jail over frozen feet dies

A man who was suing Ramsey County and New Brighton Police Department for their failure to provide medical care while incarcerated in January, died Wednesday.

Patrick Uzalac, 43, appears to have died from natural causes but an autopsy will be performed to determine if the injuries Uzalac suffered in January contributed to his death, the Pioneer Press reported.

According to the Star Tribune, on Jan. 9, Uzalac locked himself out of his apartment wearing only a T-shirt, shorts and socks. When he tossed snow at his neighbors windows to be let in, the neighbors called the police.

Police discovered Uzalac had an outstanding warrant and took him to jail without letting Uzalac back in his apartment to get shoes.

The jail staff allegedly ignored Uzalac pleas for medical attention for his blistered and discolored feet for more than a day. After his family bailed him out, he went to the emergency room.

If the autopsy determines that his death was caused by his injuries in January, the lawsuit will become a wrongful-death case, the Pioneer Press reported.

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