Analysis: Computer assisted reporting

The short article, Safety practices at coal mines vary throughout U.S., posted by Extra! Extra!, seems to have used computer assisted reporting.

It summarizes a current article in the New York Times, and provides a link to the article. It gives a quote from the article and picks out two key facts.

To do think kind of reporting, the reporter would have need to know how to post a blog entry, create links, and file the blog in a category within the Web site.

Additionally the reported would need to know how to access the article from the New York Times, find the authors and pick out the key information.

For the author of the New York Times article, they would have need to understand the data by the coal mines, to write the article.

The New York Times article also has a wide rang of multimedia information to accompany the article. It has slideshows, audio of a mine forman, audio from an analyst, links to documents, an interactive feature highlighting lost miners, comparison graphics, and illustrative graphics.

This is also a large amount of computer assisted reporting. To do this, the reporters would need to know how to upload photos, host multimedia files, record audio, use flash, and design graphics.

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