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I will compare the stories I used about Marie Colvin dying in Syria. I used CNN News and NPR News. These two news organizations are both reputable news sources, and both cover national and international news, not having a clear tie to a specific locality, except the United States, of course.

CNN is what some people might see as a more traditional news source. Their articles are made primarily for print, and the multimedia pieces they use are generally pictures and sometimes videos. The writing included in CNN stories generally follows the AP Style guidelines and any pictures or videos used compliment the written story, rather than imitate it or go over the same information.

NPR is a radio news organization that also has a written component, although many times the written component is a transcript of their radio broadcast or interviews. This writing is not necessarily in the AP Style, as radio journalism has it's own style., as evident by the way the article was written in this case.

The multimedia options they generally choose for their websites are links to podcasts of their radio programming or recordings of a news story. Generally there are not as many visual multimedia options used as with news organizations like CNN, because NPR is appealing to a market who enjoys radio, or news they can listen to while doing something else like driving or working.

In addition, the podcasts of NPR news broadcasts generally integrate sound effects like those of Edward R. Murrow broadcasts. While noises may be present in the videos on traditional news sites like CNN, they are generally not integrated into the story the way they are with NPR broadcasts.

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