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In the story about the American student and Australian journalist, the information is ordered in a way that gives the most reliable sources first, and then orders the rest of the information lower, as the sources of the information become less reliable or professional. For instance, one of the first sources is a spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff while the last source is the American student's twitter account, which could or could not really be her tweeting.
I think the reporter has chosen to do this because the most important information in the story is that information which is solid- the things we know for positive.
This could have talked about the American student's twitter activity first, which I think would have made the story more grabbing at the beginning. The story begins by talking about the two people who have been arrested, but then jumps down to talking about the relationship between the U.S. and Egypt, before coming back to the two arrested people.
I think I would have liked the story more if the story would have been organized the other way around.

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Nice work. I know the blogging gets tedious when you have to balance it with increasing school work. Find a way to scatter it through the week.


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