Assange Makes His Final Appeal Against Extradition

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Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, is in the process of making his final appeal against extradition to Sweden to face allegations of sex crimes, which Assange claims are false, according to CNN.

"The words 'judicial authority' can only be understood as meaning an independent judge or a person executing equivalent power," Dinah Rose QC, Assange's lawyer said. Rose also said that to consider the Swedish public prosecutor as a judicial authority is "contrary to basic, fundamental principle of law," according to The Guardian.

"The decision whether to arrest somebody might be made by somebody who is partisan," Clare Montgomery on behalf of the Swedish judicial authority. "That happens throughout Europe."

Assange has been living under house arrest for the last year in a house called Ellingham Hall, which is north of London. The owner of the house is Vaughan Smith, a former British soldier and journalist, CNN said.

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