Australian journalist and American student arrested in Egypt

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An Australian journalist and an American student were arrested in Egypt Saturday on accusation of attempting to bribe people to join a strike that marks the first anniversary of Hosni Mubarak's ouster, according to CBS and ABC News. The ouster demands a faster transition to civilian rule.

American student Aliya Alwi and journalist Austin Mackell have been transferred to a military intelligence office, according to Alwi's Twitter account. Alwi also wrote the report filed against them included witnesses testifying seeing them, "offering money to youth to vandalize and cause chaos."

According to CBS, the arrests follow warnings given on Friday by the country's military council that Egypt faces "conspiracies." Many activists say the message seeks to undermine their campaign aimed at pushing the generals to relinquish power.

Egypt's criminal investigation of the U.S. democracy advocates has prompted calls in Washington to cut the country's aid package, according to ABC.

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