Hennepin County Pays Occupy MN Protestor $15,000 After Arrest

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Hennepin County has agreed to pay an Occupy Minnesota protester $15,000 and change it's trespassing policy as part of a settlement which arose from a trespassing arrest during an Occupy Minnesota demonstration last year, according to the Star Tribune and City Pages.

Melissa Lynn Hill was arrested on Oct. 15 for trespassing while standing adjacent to the Hennepin County Government Center plaza after receiving a trespass notice two days earlier for writing in chalk on the plaza. The notice barred Hill from the Government Center for a year.

"I was arrested on a public sidewalk," said Hill, according to the Star Tribune. "This sends a strong message that they can't be misusing their trespass policy to suppress free speech."

Hill was the first Occupy Minnesota protester to spend the night in jail, according to City Pages.

The new trespassing policy that resulted from the settlement indicates if an individual is barred from county property for more than 45 days, that person may appeal and must get a hearing within 10 days, according to City Pages.

"Previously if someone had a problem, they could write a letter to the security manager," Jordan Kushner, Hill's attorney, said, according to the Star Tribune.

The trespassing order that was placed on Hill has been lifted, and Hill has agreed to refrain from writing in chalk on county property going forward, according to the Star Tribune.

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