Journalist killed in Syria shelling attacks

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Journalist Marie Colvin, of Britain's Sunday Times was killed in Syria last week while trying to escape a shelling attack, according to CNN and NPR.

Colvin, 56, was trying to retrieve her shoes when a rocket landed a few yards away. Colvin had taken off her shoes when she entered the building that was serving as a makeshift press center. This is customary in Syria, according to CNN.

Colvin's mother, Rosemarie Colvin, said aid workers have tried for several days to retrieve her daughter's body from Syria, however a final attempt Saturday led to workers determining the situation was too dangerous, CNN said.

Throughout Colvin's journalistic career, she had been known for reporting human elements in dangerous war zones, according to NPR.

"Almost every frontline in a warzone I've been to, Marie was there," said James Hinder, one of Colvin's colleagues, according to NPR. "She was quite often the first person there. And more often than not, she was the only person there."

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