Museum robbed in Greece

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Authorities in Greece are on the hunt for two masked gunman who tied up a guard the Archeological Museum of Olympia and stole 65-68 of statues and a gold ring Friday, according to CNN and the Huffington Post.

This robbery marks the second big theft like this in 2012 in Greece. In January three art works were stolen from the National Gallery in Athens, including a painting by Pablo Picasso and one by Piet Mondrian, according to CNN.

"It is the first time that we have an armed robbery at the museum during operating hours. It shows that the cuts the Culture Ministry has made since the crisis hit in 2009 make it easier for such incidents to take place," said Dimitra Koutsoumba, president of the Greek Archaeologists' Association, according to CNN.

Culture Minister Pavlos Geroulanos submitted his resignation after the robbery, though it is unsure if this resignation has been accepted at this time, according to the Huffington Post.

The robbery Friday occurred at the museum of the ancient Games at Olympia, which is only a few hundred yard from the world heritage site's main museum that contains priceless statues and bronze artifacts from the holiest sanctuary of ancient Greece, according to the Huffington Post.

The ceremony for the lighting of the Olympic flame for the 2012 London Olympics is scheduled to take place on May 10 at the Ancient Olympia site, where the museum is located, according to CNN.

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