Sex offender scheduled for release in Minnesota

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A Minnesota sex offender, who has pled guilty to molesting 29 children and committing 100 predatory sex acts is scheduled to be released from the state hospital in St. Peter, according to the Star Tribune and CBS.

Clarence Opheim, 64, was sentenced to jail in 1993. He has gone through the Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP), one of the most widely respected behavioral programs in the state for sex offenders, according to the Star Tribune.

Most offenders who have entered MSOP, were never released, but have instead died before deemed eligible for release. However, with many pending lawsuits from inmates who are currently going through the program, Opheim and 11 others are on the board for potential release.

Human Services Commissioner Lucinda Jesson said in an interview last week she opposed Opheim's release in January, but has reversed her position after reading a report from an independent, court-appointed examiner who concluded that Opheim deserved a greater degree of freedom after accomplishing the requirements of his treatment program, according to the Star Tribune

House Republican leaders are calling the release "reckless," and are asking the Dayton administration for an explanation of why Jesson reversed her decision., according to The Star Tribune.

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