St. Paul school rises above adversity, but still faces struggles

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A St. Paul school that has worked to close the achievement gap has seen successful results in recent years, only to find a setback in 2011 when their test scores plummeted, according to the Star Tribune and MinnPost.

Dayton's Bluff Community School has partnered with the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation to institute a new style of learning and dedication, according to the Star Tribune. The partnership enabled the elementary school to create a rounded education and wellness program for students and their families.

Students were able to see a dentist, parents in need were given rent vouchers, teachers were required to reapply for positions and those rehired were given extensive training on how to teach in urban populations, according to the Star Tribune.

In 2010 the minority students of the school outperformed white students on state math tests and 67 percent of Dayton's Bluff's minority students were proficient in reading, compared to 42 percent of minority students district-wide, according to the Star Tribune.

In 2011, however those scores plummeted, leaving school officials to examine why. Principal Steven Flucas said he believed the drop may be due in part by the school's new reputation, which could be what is attracting new students, according to MinnPost.

"There's disappointment, of course, Said Flucas' predecessor, Andrew Collins, according to MinnPost. " But there's also a sense of optimism about what this building can do and what's possible."

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