Egyptian doctor acquitted in virginity tests case

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A military supreme court in Egypt acquitted a doctor who allegedly forced detained female protesters to be subjected to virginity tests Sunday, claiming no such tests were conducted, according to CNN and Aljazeera.
Samira Ibrahim brought the case to Egypt's military-led government court last August, claiming she was among many who were subjected to the tests, and the 25-year-old said she was devastated when she heard the ruling Sunday, according to CNN.
"This is rape, and I fainted when I heard the verdict in court," Ibrahim said, according to CNN. "God Knows the truth and it will always be a black spot in Egypt's history."
Many have doubts about the verdict, claiming the court is biased to rule in favor of military or government agencies, according to CNN.
"They will never indict one of their own, in all the cases of killing protesters, no real investigations were done, just fact-finding committees that submit their findings," Presidential candidate Abdullah Shalaan said, according to CNN.
There is no appeals court that can hear the case in Egypt, according to Aljazeera. However, Adel Ramadan, an attorney representing Ibrahim, said he planned to take the case outside Egypt to the International Criminal Court, according to CNN.

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