St. Paul woman was beaten to death, according to police.

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A St. Paul man has been charged with second degree murder after he allegedly beat his girlfriend to death last week, according to the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press.
Witnesses said Brent L Lynch, 26, pleaded, "No, don't call [the police]," as his girlfriend, Carolyn Leete, 32, lay dead on a bed in his home, according to the Star Tribune.
Lynch's mother, Brenda Lynch said she received a call from her son around 3 a.m. indicating that Leete had gotten out of their car to check on him and someone stole their vehicle. Brenda Lynch said she did not want to be home when her son and Leete got back to their St. Paul house, so she left, and lynch's aunt picked the couple up and took them home, according to the Star Tribune
around 6 a.m., Lynch called his aunt, Glenda Jett, again and asked her to come check on Leete. Jett found Leete unresponsive and went to a neighbor, who had nursing skills to resuscitate Leete, but was unsuccessful, according to the Star Tribune.
Records show that Lynch has a history of violence against women. Lynch is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs approximately 240 pounds. Leete weighed about 95 pounds, according to the Star Tribune.

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