Deadline for filing taxes later this year

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Procrastinators this year have a couple extra days this year to file their taxes. The deadline is April 17, instead of the normal April 15 deadline, according to NPR and the Imperial Valley Press.

The reason for the delay this year is due to how the weekend and holidays fall. This year, April 15 falls on a Sunday. In addition, Monday is the District of Columbia's Emancipation Day -- a local holiday unfamiliar to most Americans. Thus, the deadline has been extended until Tuesday, April 17, according to NPR.

The IRS said it expects to receive more than 144 million individual tax returns this year, with the majority projected to be submitted by the new April 17 deadline. As of the first week of April, the IRS had already received 99 million returns, according to Imperial Valley Press.

More good news for procrastinators is that if no taxes are owed, there will be no penalties even if the paperwork is filed late, according to Imperial Valley Press.

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